Zhifu District

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Zhifu District
Traditional Chinese 芝罘
Simplified Chinese 芝罘

Zhifu District is an urban district of the prefecture-level city of Yantai in Shandong Province, China.


As a separate city, Zhifu's name was variously romanized as Chefoo,[1] Che-foo,[2] Chi-fu,[3] and Chih-fou. Although this name was used for the city by foreigners prior to the Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War, the locals referred to the settlement as Yantai (q.v.) throughout.[2][3]


Formerly a small unwalled fishing village, Zhifu grew when its harbor was chosen to act as the international port for the larger city of Tengchow (now Penglai) nearby, it now forms part of the urban core of Yantai.


Chefoo School previously educated foreign children.