Zhongshan Island

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Zhongshan Island
Macao from the Forts of Heang-shan.jpg
Auguste Borget's 1842 Macao from the Forts of Heang-shan
Traditional Chinese中山島
Simplified Chinese中山岛
Former names
Macao Island
Traditional Chinese澳門島
Simplified Chinese澳门岛
Xiangshan Island
Traditional Chinese香山島
Simplified Chinese香山岛

Zhongshan Island, formerly also known as Macau Island or Xiangshan Island,[a] is an island on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, China.[1][2] This area is separated from the mainland by a narrow waterway, and has a population of about 2.8 million. At the southern tip of the island is the Special Administrative Region of Macau; the rest of the island (and more than 70% of the population) is part of the cities of Zhuhai and Zhongshan.


  1. ^ Previous romanizations include Macao Island and Heangshan Island.


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Coordinates: 22°11′59″N 113°32′47″E / 22.19972°N 113.54639°E / 22.19972; 113.54639