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Zhongshan Square, Dalian (2009)

Zhongshan Square (simplified Chinese: 中山广场; traditional Chinese: 中山廣場; pinyin: Zhōngshān Guǎngchǎng) in Dalian, Liaoning, China, was originally designed by Russians in the 19th century. Several classical buildings located on the square were built during the first half of the 20th century by the Japanese.


Zhongshan Square used to be called "Large Square" (1940)

The square was originally built in 1898 by the Russians as Nikolayevskaya Square (in Russian: Николаевская площадь, meaning Nikolai's plaza).[1] It was later renamed by the Japanese as Ōhiroba (Japanese: 大広場), meaning large plaza as compared to the smaller Nishihiroba (Japanese: 西広場) meaning west square), now called Friendship Square (simplified Chinese: 友好广场; traditional Chinese: 友好廣場). After 1945, it was once more renamed as Zhongshan Square, in honor of Sun Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen), the first president of the Republic of China.


Zhongshan Square is 213 metres (699 ft) in diameter. Inside the five-lane roundabout there is a green zone and a paved area where people gather to dance on summer evenings, participate in foreign language corners, or do other things. There are underground passages leading to the inside of the square from both Zhongshan and Renmin Roads.

Ten roads radiate from the square, clockwise:

  • Shanghai Road (上海路) - north
  • Minsheng Street (民生街)
  • Qiyi Street (七一街)
  • Renmin Road (人民路) - east
  • Luxun Road (鲁迅路)
  • Jiefang Street (解放街)
  • Yan'an Road (延安路) - south
  • Yuguang Street (玉光街)
  • Zhongshan Road (中山路) - west
  • Minkang Street (民康街)

Renmin and Zhangshan Roads form the main east-west artery of the downtown Dalian area. East of the square is Renmin Road, passing through the hotel area toward Gangwan Square, near the Port of Dalian. West of the square is Zhongshan Road, passing through Friendship Square, Qingniwaqiao, and the City Hall, toward Lushun.

Business center[edit]

Located in the center of Dalian's Zhongshan District, Zhongshan Square and the adjacent Zhongshan and Renmin Roads are considered Dalian's Central business district.

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