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Zinwrath: The Movie is a 2005 story-line-based machinima production created using the World of Warcraft game engine. It is one of the first World of Warcraft machinima films.

The film is directed and produced by Dementia Studios' Benjamin Pickerel and Derek Hackleman, written by Benjamin Pickerel and Jeremy E. Jones, with music and sound production by Myndflame Studios' Clint Hackleman, and starring Benjamin Pickerel, Jeremy E. Jones, Kristopher Haughey, Michael Scott, and Clint Hackleman. Editing and visual effects were done by Derek Hackleman; the movie also features the Myndflame song "MC Raiders", written and produced by Clint Hackleman.

Zinwrath: The Movie has had over 1,000,000 downloads and was a winner in the 2005 BlizzCon Movie Contest, it was also nominated for the 2006 Xfire Machinima Awards for Best Movie and for the Fourth Annual Golden Llamas award for Best World of Warcraft Movie. Zinwrath: The Movie was first aired on television on October 19, 2005 for G4TV's Cinematech.

Zinwrath is the title character of the movie, a warlock created and voiced by Benjamin Pickerel; the short film follows Zinwrath and his cohorts, Basutei the paladin, Sicknot the mage, and Burakubuu the night elf merchant as they each over-complicate and muddle their way through initially simple situations. Along the way they encounter the desperately lonely Dirti the gnome, and the arrogant, axe-wielding warrior Kiljoy.


  • Benjamin Pickerel as Zinwrath
  • Jeremy E. Jones as Burakubuu
  • Kristopher Haughey as Basutei
  • Michael Scott as Sicknot
  • Clint Hackleman as Dirti
  • Benjamin Bullock as Kiljoy
  • Other minor characters voiced by Clint Hackleman and Benjamin Pickerel

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