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Coordinates: 46°0′23″N 7°43′1″E / 46.00639°N 7.71694°E / 46.00639; 7.71694

The hamlet of Zmutt
The valley of Zmutt

Zmutt (also spelled Z'mutt, Z'Mutt, Z-Mutt) is a small village in the municipality of Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland, situated at 1936 m in the Zmutt Valley (Zmuttal) west of Zermatt. The village chapel is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria, patroness of the Valais. The valley passes the northern slope of the Matterhorn and terminates in the Zmutt Glacier on the border to Italy's Aosta Valley.

The Zmutt dam at 46°0′28″N 7°42′34″E / 46.00778°N 7.70944°E / 46.00778; 7.70944, constructed in 1964, has a height of 74 m and a capacity of 850'000 m³. This dam is fed by waters from the Zmutt, Bis, Schali, and Gorner Glacier.

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