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Zuist Church logo (December 2015).svg
Type Neopagan new religious movement
Classification Sumerian religion
Region Iceland and other countries
Members Iceland: 3,087
Official website http://zuist.org/

Zuism is a new Pagan religious movement based on the Sumerian religion, which is officially registered in Iceland where, in late 2015, it came to be adopted as a mass protest against a nationally mandated "parish tax" to support religions.[1]


Zu, Imdugud, the thunderbird.

Belief and practice of Zuism is based on Sumerian poems, which Zuists sing in their worship services in honour of the universal god An, the earth Ki and lesser forces of nature.[2] The name "Zuism" originates from the Sumerian verb zu meaning "to know",[3] and also refers to the thunder-bird god of wisdom, ,[4] servant of Enlil.

Formation and spread[edit]

Zuism became a recognized religion in Iceland in around 2013, although it has been in existence from years before. The first Zuist congregation was founded by Ólafur Helgi Þorgrímsson, who has since left it.[5][6]

In late 2015 it became a medium for as protest against government support for recognised religions in Iceland, and against the levying of a tax on all taxpayers, payable to their religion if they had registered one; after the protest started over 3,000 members joined in a short period at the end of 2015.[7]

Iceland requires taxpayers to identify with one of the religions recognised by the state, or with a non-recognised religion or no religion; a tax (of about US$80, £50 in 2015) is paid to the relevant religion, if recognised, but will run directly to the government if a religion is not stated. Zuism, unlike other religions, promised to refund the money it receives from the "parish tax"; its purpose is openly to protest against government support and tax for religion, without religious content.

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