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BT - Untitled.jpg
Studio album by BT
Released October 14, 2016 (Artifacture, Indivism and Ω)
December 2, 2016 (physical release)
January 18, 2017 (digital release)
Genre Ambient
Length 46:56 (iTunes release)
1:32:28 (physical release)
Label Black Hole Recordings
Producer Brian Transeau
BT chronology
Electronic Opus

The untitled tenth studio album by electronic musician BT (listed on digital stores as _ ) was released digitally on October 14, 2016. The physical USB release was shipped on December 2, 2016, and includes over two hours of music with 4K drone videos shot for the album.[1]

Due to the restrictions of most music sites, which forbid blank album titles, BT chose to name the album the underscore character "_". BT has admitted that this title has resulted in complaints from fans about difficulties in finding the track on popular services due to the inability of most search engines to handle the "_" character.[2][3]


On December 14, 2015, BT disclosed news to DJ Mag about a new album to come by early 2016. Similar to This Binary Universe, BT explains that “the entire record is recorded in a way [I’ve] never recorded anything before,” and that the record has a "modular, ambient aesthetic". Track names that were mentioned in the article include "Chromatophore", "Ω", "Indivism" and "582",[4] on August 1, 2016, BT spoke to Mix about the album, which was recently completed. The album is intended to be named by the listeners. Additional track names that were mentioned in the article include "Artifacture", "Five Hundred and Eighty Two", and "Found in Translation", on October 10, 2016, BT announced on Facebook that the parts of the album ("Artifacture", "Indivism" and "Ω") would be released in "movements"[5] on October 14, 2016.[1]

The album was recorded in Maine, Maryland, Iceland, China, Poland, Bora Bora, Tokyo, Australia and many other places around the world.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Artifacture, Indivisim and Ω[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "I. Adagietto Granulare (English: Slow Rhymes)" 2:57
2. "II. Nostra Luna di Miele (English: Our Honeymoon)" 2:55
3. "III. Guidati dalla Luce (English: Guided by the Light)" 0:48
4. "IV. La Caduta con Moto (English: The Fall of Movement)" 2:07
5. "V. La Vita Sotto il Mare (English: Life Under the Sea)" 1:52
6. "VI. Niente di Tutto Qualcosa (English: Nothing of Everything Something)" 1:12
7. "VII. Rocambolesco in una Città di Notte (English: Fantastic in the City of Night)" 1:03
8. "VIII. Un Nuovo Contesto (English: A New Context)" 1:36
9. "IX. Mancando Nobilmente (English: Missed Nobility)" 3:54
No. Title Length
1. "I. Trasformata di Fourier Veloce (English: Fast Fourier Transform)" 1:09
2. "II. Fette di Basso Ostinato (English: Slices of Bass Rhythm)" 1:26
3. "III. Decomposizione di Tempo (English: Decomposition of Time)" 0:38
4. "IV. Uno ad Uno i Controcanti Parlano (English: One by one the Counterpoint speak)" 1:11
5. "V. Immobilità in Movimento (English: Immobility in Movement)" 0:34
6. "VI. Variante di Frammenti di Basso (English: Variant of Bass Fragments)" 1:09
7. "VII. Dalla Forma al Senza Forma (English: From Form to Formless)" 6:02
No. Title Length
1. "I. La Nascita di Diventare (English: The Birth of Becoming)" 0:59
2. "II. Evoluzione di Nuove Forme (English: Evolution of New Forms)" 1:26
3. "III. Da metà tempo a Tempo Pieno (English: From half time to Full Time)" 1:04
4. "IV. Melodie che si Ergono Come Onde (English: Melodies That Come Like Waves)" 0:59
5. "V. Tema Soarning (English: Soaring Theme)" 1:08
6. "VI. Staccando gli Strati (English: Peeling off the Layers)" 0:15
7. "VII. Filatura Funzioni di Trasferimento Relative a Testa (English: Spinning Head-related Transfer Functions)" 0:32
8. "VIII. il Movimento Invertito (English: Inverted Movement)" 0:48
9. "IX. Meriggiare una Matrice di Musica Modulare (English: Merge a Modular Music Matrix)" 8:07

Physical release "_+"[7][edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Tokyo" 6:02
2. "The Code of Hammurabi" 3:37
3. "Lustral" 3:52
4. "Found in Translation" 3:52
5. "Artifacture" 18:28
6. "Indivisim" 12:12
7. "Ω" 15:21
8. "Chromatophore" 15:56
9. "Five Hundred and Eighty Two" 13:08


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