ash-Sheikh Sa'd

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ash-Sheikh Sa'd
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabic خربة الشيخ سعد
ash-Sheikh Sa'd is located in the Palestinian territories
ash-Sheikh Sa'd
ash-Sheikh Sa'd
Location of ash-Sheikh Sa'd within Palestine
Coordinates: 31°44′22.27″N 35°15′10.12″E / 31.7395194°N 35.2528111°E / 31.7395194; 35.2528111Coordinates: 31°44′22.27″N 35°15′10.12″E / 31.7395194°N 35.2528111°E / 31.7395194; 35.2528111
Governorate Jerusalem
 • Type Village council
Population (2006)
 • Jurisdiction 2,406
Name meaning Sheik Sad -from "fortunate"[1]

ash-Sheikh Sa'd (Arabic: خربة الشيخ سعد‎) is a Palestinian village in the Jerusalem Governorate, located 6 kilometers Southeast of Jerusalem in the central West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the village had a population of 2,406 in 2006.[2]

The village's residents have family in Jabel Mukaber, an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and attend school there. Sheikh Sa'd's cemetery is located in the neighborhood as well. Since the Second Intifada in 2000, Sheikh Sa'd residents have not been allowed to enter Jabel Mukaber without a permit.[3]



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