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Private company
Industry Broadcasting
Founded 2008 (NEXTV America)
2015 (iON)
Headquarters San Diego, California
Products Ethnic TV, IPTV
Owner eMedia Network & GSS Media
Website iON

iON is a United States-based IPTV provider that delivers digital television services via broadband. It launched in 2015 as a joint venture between eMedia Network and GSS Media, the Broadcasters Representative for North America; responsible for the overall Communication and Distribution Strategy of the media offering.


NEXTV America logo

It originally launched in 2008 as NEXTV America, as a joint venture between EuroWorld Network and Ethnic Channels Group.

In 2015, EuroWorld Network underwent a corporate re-branding, the company was renamed eMedia Network.[1] As a result of the corporate re-organization, the IPTV service was re-launched as iON with eMedia Network taking over full control alongside new broadcast partner GSS Media.


In order to receive the services offered by iON, consumers require a high-speed Internet connection with a speed of at least 1.5Mbit/s and a set-top box which can be rented or purchased from iON.


iON is available to subscribers in North America (Canada & United States) as well as in Australia.

Channel packages[edit]

iON currently offers over 40 channels from Europe and Asia. They offer packages catering to the following ethnic groups:

The following packages are only available to subscribers in Australia:

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