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inMusic Brands, Inc
Founder Jack O'Donnell
Headquarters Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States
Number of locations
Products Music production equipment
Owner Jack O'Donnell[1]

inMusic is the parent company for a family of brands of varying audio products used in the DJ, music production, live sound, musical instrument, pro audio, and consumer electronics industries.


Numark Industries is a manufacturer of audio equipment for disk jockeys,[2][3][4] founded in 1971, and based in Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States.[4] Numark was formerly owned by Jack O'Donnell. Numark acquired Alesis in 2001;[5] in 2012, O' Donnell acquired the M-Audio and AIR Music Technology brands from Avid Technology for $17 million. From now on, all brands will be managed under the holding company inMusic Brands. Numark makes DJ mixers, turntables, MIDI controllers, DJ CD players,[4]



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