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twentyfourseven was a documentary-style reality show on MTV that documented the lives of seven male friends seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood. The show was described as a "real" version of Entourage, in the same manner that Laguna Beach is the "real" version of The O.C..[1]

Launched in December 2006, the show aired on Wednesday nights in the Ten Spot block after The Real World. The show faced low ratings and critical derision, and some viewers were suspicious that certain portions of the show were staged for dramatic effect; for instance, Greg Cipes was described as a singer new to the Los Angeles music scene, despite his acting in small live-action roles and voicing characters for animated series for several years.

Also in question was Chris Carney's arrest in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas for a DWI charge (a major part of the show's second episode). His booking may have been refilmed after all charges against him were dropped.[2] Specifically, upon arrest, Carney had a buzzcut. When he was released the subsequent day, a discontinuity error emerged, revealing that he had grown a mohawk.

In a rare move, MTV canceled the series without explanation after three episodes. Though the network refrained from airing any repeats, the series' subsequent episodes premiered each Wednesday afternoon on The iTunes Store hosted the show as well, but iTunes did not post any new episodes after its cancellation.

Principal characters[edit]

  • Matt Baker - actor
  • Chris Carney - lead singer, The Prom Kings
  • Greg Carney - club promoter
  • Greg Cipes - musician/surfer
  • Frankie Delgado - club promoter/musician
  • Ty Hodges - actor/producer
  • Greg Whitman - music producer


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