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Édifice André-Laurendeau is an eleven-story office tower located at 1050, rue des Parlementaires in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The Beaux-Arts structure was built between 1935 and 1937 by Lacroix, Drouin and Bergeron and is the property of the Government of Quebec.[1] In 1980 it was named in honour of journalist and politician André Laurendeau.

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec[edit]

After the fire at Bois de Coulonge in 1966, the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec was moved to Édifice André-Laurendeau where he or she holds an office and a suite of rooms for entertaining. Inside are reception rooms, offices and support facilities; the royal suite is the site of swearing-in ceremonies for Cabinet ministers, where Royal Assent is granted, and where the Lieutenant Governor receives his or her premier. Whenever the sovereign and/or other members of the Royal Family are in the provincial capital, he or she resides at a hotel.

The entrance of the offices of the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, at 1050 des Parlementaires, in Quebec City


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