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─░zmir Province

İzmir Province is a province and metropolitan municipality of Turkey in western Anatolia, situated along the Aegean coast. Its capital is the city of İzmir, in itself composed of the province's central 11 districts out of 30 in total. To the west, it is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, it encloses the Gulf of Izmir, its area is 11,973 square kilometres, with a population of 4,279,677 in 2017. The population was 3,370,866 in 2000. Neighboring provinces are Balıkesir to the north, Manisa to the east, Aydın to the south; the traffic code of the province is 35. Major rivers of the province include the Küçük Menderes river, Koca Çay, Bakırçay; the area was first settled by local Anatolians. Millennia Ionians in about the 11th century BC established the League of Ionia, it was conquered by the Persians and retaken by the Greeks before being subsumed into the Roman Empire. After the split of the Roman Empire, the area became part of what is now called the Byzantine Empire until it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the 14th century.

Following the First World War, the province was ceded to Greece, but was retaken by the forces of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the Turkish War of Independence. As a result of the Treaty of Lausanne, all Greek Orthodox inhabitants of the province had to leave, İzmir Province was incorporated into the modern republic of Turkey. "The greater Izmir region produces 20% of Turkey’s wind power from wind turbines capable of generating more than 1,300 megawatts." List of populated places in İzmir Province İzmir governor's official website İzmir metropolitan municipality's official website Directorate of Culture and Tourism in İzmir Local administrations in İzmir İzmir weather forecast information

MS Queen Elizabeth

MS Queen Elizabeth is a cruise ship of the Vista class operated by the Cunard Line. The design is modified from that of previous ships of that class, larger than Queen Victoria, at 92,000 GT due to a more vertical stern; the ship is able to carry up to 2092 passengers. The ship's name was announced by Cunard on 10 October 2007. Since the retirement of Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2008 the company has operated three vessels; the naming of the ship as Queen Elizabeth brings about a situation similar to that between 1940 and 1948, when Cunard's original Queen Elizabeth was in service at the same time as the Royal Navy battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is identical in design to Queen Victoria, although because of the steeper stern, at her introduction into service the passenger capacity was higher with up to 2,058 compared to Queen Victoria's 2,014. Unlike many previous Cunard Queens, Queen Elizabeth is not a true ocean liner as she does not have the heavy plating throughout the hull; however the bow was constructed with heavier plating to cope with the transatlantic run, the ship has a high freeboard.

Although having an identical interior arrangement to Queen Victoria, the decor is different. The ship is a tribute to the two previous Queen Elizabeth-named ships: the original Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2, she evokes the era of the 1930s, in which Cunard's first Queen Elizabeth was launched, with many art deco interior touches. The ship features a Britannia Club section of the main restaurant, a feature popular on Queen Mary 2, but not available on Queen Victoria; this service allows passengers in the Britannia staterooms to have single seating dining arrangements, without having to upgrade to the more expensive Grills classes. The sliding roof over the Winter Garden featured on Queen Victoria is replaced with a simple glass roof. Following the ship's construction in Italy from 2007 to 2010, Cunard Line confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II would name Cunard's new ship; the ceremony was held in Southampton on 11 October 2010 before the ship set sail on her maiden voyage to the Canary Islands the following day.

The Queen was the sponsor of the now-retired Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1967 and Cunard's current flagship, Queen Mary 2, in 2004. The first master of Queen Elizabeth was Captain Christopher Wells. On 4 October 2010 Queen Elizabeth was formally handed over to Cunard, she sailed on her maiden voyage from Southampton on 12 October 2010, following a naming ceremony with the monarch on 11 October 2010. At the end of October 2011 Queen Elizabeth and her fleet mates changed their registries to Hamilton, Bermuda, in order to host weddings aboard. On 29 June 2012, the ship made her one and only visit in Svalbard; the previous scheduled visit in 2011 had to be aborted due to bad weather. However, she was not scheduled to visit Svalbard in her 2013 schedule. Legislation relating to cruise ships visiting the archipelago meant that Queen Elizabeth will never be able to visit again. On 31 August 2013, British journalist and broadcaster Sir David Frost had been invited to give a speech by Cunard whilst travelling on board the ship but died of a heart attack.

On 13 August 2016 Queen Elizabeth made the 2,500 th cruise ship call at Germany. On 23 May 2019, Queen Elizabeth began regular service between Vancouver, British Columbia and various destinations in Alaska, United States.13 January 2011: Two years after the first Cunard Royal Rendezvous, RMS Queen Mary 2 met up with Queen Victoria and the brand new Queen Elizabeth for another Royal Rendezvous in New York City. Both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth made an Atlantic crossing in tandem for the event. All three Cunarders met in front of the Statue of Liberty at 6:45 pm for a Grucci fireworks display; the Empire State Building was lit up in red to mark the event.5 June 2012: All three'Queens' met once more, but this time in Southampton in order to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.15 July 2012: Both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 visited Hamburg the first time together.12 March 2013: Passed the former Cunard ship Queen Mary a hotel in Long Beach, for the first time along with fireworks display.6 May 2014: All three Queens met up for the first time in Lisbon, Portugal, in preparation for Queen Mary 2s 10th birthday.

All three on departure sailed in a one-line formation to Southampton.9 May 2014: Both Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria led in single file, Queen Mary 2 up the Southampton channel, with both ships docking in a bow to bow formation performing a birthday salute to Queen Mary 2. On, all three Cunarders gather for a fireworks display in which Queen Mary 2 led both the Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria back down the channel. 25 May 2015: The three'Queens' at Liverpool celebrating 175 years of the formation of the Cunard Line, formed and based at Liverpool. At low tide, the three ships stopped in line in middle of the River Mersey, bow to stern, turned 180 degrees in full synchronisation with each other, known as river dance), they formed an arrow side by side; the Queen Mary 2 was in the centre with its bow in line with the Cunard Building at the Pier Head. The RAF Red Arrows performed a flypast in Vic formation, emitting red and blue smoke, over the vessels. An estimated 1.3 million people lined the river banks to witness the spectacle.

In September 2017 the ship hosted a special commemorative cruise to honour the 50th anniversary of its predecessor QE2. The Mediterranean cruise was chosen to pay tribute to QE2's role as a cruise ship. Special guests include Captain Ian McNaught, Commodore Ronald Warwick, Maritime Historian Chris Frame and QE2 Social Hostess Maureen Ryan. Quee

Seewis-Pardisla railway station

Seewis-Pardisla railway station is a railway station in the municipality of Seewis im Prättigau, in the Swiss canton of Grisons. It is an intermediate stop on the Rhaetian Railway 1,000 mm metre gauge Landquart–Davos Platz line and is served by local and regional trains. Prior to December 2018 it was known as Seewis-Valzeina. Seewis-Pardisla is served by the S1 of the Chur S-Bahn: Regio:Limited service to Scuol-Tarasp. Limited service between Landquart and Davos Platz. Chur S-Bahn S1: hourly service between Rhäzüns and Schiers. Seewis-Pardisla railway station – Rhaetian Railway

Turkey at the 2005 Summer Universiade

Turkey competed at the 2005 Summer Universiade in İzmir, Turkey from 11 August to 22 August 2005. A total of 285 athletes were a part of the Turkish team competing in 14 sports branches.dio cane Turkey won 27 medals, including ten gold, eleven silver and six bronze medals. Men ` sWomen's Men's 24 male athletes. Women's21 female athletes took part at the Games. Men's tournament Team Head coach: Haşim Ali Tümdoğan Preliminary roundGroup A Playoff round Final standingWomen's tournament Team Head coach: Muzaffer Kalaycıoğlu Preliminary roundGroup A Playoff round Quarterfinals 7th-8th Place Final standing Men'sSinan Ertekin, Özgür Cengizhan, Öncü Erinç Kuzucu Men'sCan Gülersoy, Mustafa Oğur, Murat narin, Kamil Özdemi, Erdoğan Kızıldağ, Güneş Darıca, Batuhan Sarsılamaz, Erkan Malay, Selçuk Dönerkaya, Gökmert Yapakçı, Hasan İşyar, Adnan Özsanat Women'sMine Ergüz, Özden Aslan, Şenay Güner, Semra Deliormanlı, Emel Işık, Pınar Kalaycı, Naile Sevda Varol, Reha Doğan, Ilgın Güçlüce, Kader Yildiz, Nevin Gürdoğan, Ayşe Bekiroğlu Men's tournament Team Head coach: Ünal Karaman Group A Qualification 9th - 10th Place Final standingWomen's tournament Team Head coach: Ali Kızılet Group A Round Robin Final standing Men'sHaluk Coşkun, Kerem Venedik, Fatih Yıldız, Ekin Takmaz, Cumhur Zorba Women'sDamla Kırsalı, Ebru Karaduman, Melike Cura, Reyhan Gürses, Özge Yıldırım Başak Akar, Nihan Şahingöz, Yıldız Avcıbaşı, Sezen Çimen, Özlem Atakan, Merve Sinem Avaz, Deniz Atlı, Demet Tetik, Banu Seri Men'sGüray Zünbül, Koray izer, Cem Duman, Hakan Karakaplan, Efe Karakaplan, Kemal Muslubaş, Deniz Çınar, Ateş Çınar Women'sBegüm Güngör, Pınar Yılmazer, Yonca Yıldıral, Burcu Balaban, Özüm Oğuzbayır Men'sEmre Çelık, Çağrı Sapmaz, Eren Onurlu, Mert Saygın, Engin Can Eter, Cenk Aktaş, Serkan Aydın, Aytekin Mindan, Gökhan Hülagü, Cem Paşaoğlu, Onat Tungaç, Kaan Tayla, Arda Köstem Women'sİlkay Dikmen, Burcu Dolunay, Derya Erke, Gizem Algiş, Fulya Terzi, Selin Bülbül, Sibel Piroğlu, Gamze Uçar, Gülşah Gönenç, Tuğçe Duygun, Jülide Yıldız, Zeynep Evrim İstan Men'sWomen's Men'sWomen'sMixed Men's tournament Team Head coach: Nedim Özbey Playoff round QuarterfinalsSemifinal Quarterfinal matchGold medal match Quarterfinal matchFinal standingWomen's tournament Team Head coach: Ali Kızılet Playoff round Quarterfinals5th-8th Place match5th Place matchFinal standing Tournament Team Head coach: Sinan Turunç Prelimibary RoundGroup A Playoff Round QuarterfinalsSemifinalBronze medal match Final standing Men's FreestyleMen's Greco-RomanWomen's Freestyle

Justine Thornton

Dame Justine Thornton, styled The Hon Mrs Justice Thornton, is an English barrister and judge of the High Court of England and Wales. Thornton was appointed to the High Court of England and Wales in February 2019, assigned to the Queen's Bench Division; as a lawyer, she specialised in environmental law. Thornton was born in Manchester to Labour-voting professionals and Stewart Thornton, her mother was born in Wales, her orthopaedic surgeon grandfather, based in Ammanford, was a speaker on social affairs. The family moved to Nottingham; as a pupil at West Bridgford Comprehensive School, she appeared to be heading for an acting career. Thornton was a member of the Central Junior Television Workshop at the age of 16. In 1987 she starred as Erica, a rebellious schoolgirl, in "The Visit," the hour-long opening episode of Hardwicke House, an ITV sitcom, pulled from the schedules after only two episodes had been transmitted following a backlash over its content. In 1988, she appeared as "Chrissie" in an episode of the long-running children's programme Dramarama titled "Snap Decision", aired in January 1989.

Putting her acting career behind her, Thornton read Law at Robinson College, graduating in 1992. She became a barrister in 1994. Thornton practised in Environmental Law, latterly at 39 Essex Chambers, before she was appointed a judge; the 2010 edition of Legal 500, the lawyers' directory described her as "first class". She was appointed an Advisor to the British Government on Biotechnology and the Environment under New Labour in 2000, a role she held until 2005 and was on the Attorney-General's C Panel, she was Chairwoman of SERA, Labour's Environment campaign. She has acted on behalf of the Welsh Assembly, in 2009 was shortlisted for Chambers and Partners "Environmental and Planning Junior of the Year". Thornton has worked on several law-related publications, as general editor of Sweet and Maxwell's Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, a co-author of Sweet and Maxwell's textbook on Environmental law, she co-authored the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 Law Society Legislation Guides. She became an Associate Governor of Brookfield Primary School in 2009.

Thornton was appointed Queen's Counsel in January 2016, a Deputy High Court Judge in May 2017. In January 2019, it was announced Thornton would be appointed a judge of the High Court of England and Wales, with her appointment taking effect on 28 February 2019, she is assigned to the Queen's Bench Division. She was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2019 upon her appointment to the High Court. Thornton is married to former Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, they live together at Dartmouth Park in North London. The couple were engaged in March 2010, married at Langar Hall near Nottingham on 27 May 2011, they have two sons, born 2009 and 2010. Thornton was a close friend of Frances Osborne, the wife of former Conservative Chancellor George Osborne, whom she met whilst studying for the Bar in London. Justine Thornton on IMDb Justine Thornton's Profile at BFI Film and TV Database


Semantics3 is an ecommerce data and AI company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It offers solutions for ecommerce-centric logistics companies. Semantics3 Inc. is held and headquartered in downtown San Francisco. It was founded in 2012 by Sivamani Varun, Vinoth Gopinathan and Govind Chandrasekhar in Singapore when they met as classmates at the National University of Singapore. In winter 2013, they graduated from Silicon Valley based start-up incubator Y-Combinator. In November 2015 they closed a $1.55 million round of bridge funding led by Belgian based venture firm E-Merge partners and have raised $2.2 million to date. Semantics3 operates branches in Bengaluru and Singapore. Semantics3 organizes and manages catalogs of hundreds of millions of products sold across thousands of retailers online, it provides a suite of AI products centred on product categorization, attribute named entity recognition and unsupervised crawling & content extraction. The company lists Fortune 500 tech and retail companies as its key clients