Eobard Thawne (Arrowverse)

Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as the Reverse-Flash, is a fictional character appearing in various television series set within The CW’s Arrowverse, most notably The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Portrayed by actors Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher, the character is based on the DC Comics villain of the same name. Letscher portrays Thawne's original likeness, while Cavanagh plays the character after the theft of Harrison Wells' identity and appearance. Both actors' performances have been praised by fans. In season one, Harrison Wells is introduced as the director of S. T. A. R. Labs, Central City on Earth-1, he activates a particle accelerator which explodes, the dark matter energy released transforms various individuals into metahumans, including Barry Allen. Months Wells has become a paraplegic recluse and pariah in Central City. Wells, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow help Barry as the Flash. Unknown to the rest of the team, Wells is faking paralysis and has a hidden futuristic time vault within S. T. A.

R. Labs, from which he conducts surveillance on his co-workers, he demonstrates a desire to keep Barry safe from harm, murders Simon Stagg for seeking to exploit the Flash's powers. Wells soon causes Joe West to become suspicious of him, he appears as a tachyon-enhanced speedster, dubbed the "Reverse-Flash", bests Barry in combat. "Wells" is revealed to be Eobard Thawne, the Flash's archenemy from the 22nd century and a descendant of police officer Eddie Thawne. Traveling to the 21st century to erase the Flash from history by murdering Nora Allen and framing Henry Allen, Thawne is left stranded with his Speed Force connection severed so he killed the real Wells and assumed his identity; as Wells, he founded S. T. A. R. Labs and created the particle accelerator to turn Barry into the Flash, hoping to use Barry's pure Speed Force connection to return home. After being exposed and captured by Barry with help from Oliver Queen, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, Thawne offers Barry a chance to travel back in time to save the Allen family in exchange for a time machine to return to the 22nd century.

Barry refuses and destroys Thawne's machine. The two speedsters fight, with Thawne prevailing until Eddie shoots himself erasing Thawne from existence. In season two, Thawne makes sporadic appearances. A flash drive containing Thawne's will as Wells bequeathes S. T. A. R. Labs to Barry and a video-recorded confession to Nora's murder, allowing for Henry's exoneration. Barry travels back in time to season one's timeframe to obtain Thawne's help with tachyon equipment. In season three, Barry saves Nora from Thawne's true form, locked up in a prison. After the dangers of the Flashpoint timeline, Barry realises the mistake and releases Thawne to kill Nora again hoping the timeline will revert back to normal. In season five, Thawne – still with the appearance of Wells – is revealed to be the secret mentor of Nora West-Allen, Barry's and Iris West-Allen's future daughter. Imprisoned in Iron Heights in 2049 under a death sentence and tortured by a corrupt prison guard, he professes to Nora that he helps to ensure a better legacy for himself than being known only as an evil speedster.

Nora first approached Thawne for his help in capturing Godspeed after Nora's own speed powers are discovered, believed him to be the only person to be trust after learning that Iris deliberately suppressed Nora's powers. Thawne agreed revealing Barry's identity, it was Thawne's suggestion that Nora help Barry with Clifford DeVoe's crashing satellite, the pair keep in touch through Nora's journal. Barry returns Nora to 2049 after learning of Nora's connection with Thawne and goes to confront Thawne personally. Thawne asks Barry not to hold the secrecy against Nora as a condemned man's final request. Thawne reveals to Nora the existence of a negative Speed Force, one that allows time travel without alerting other speedsters, which Nora is unable to access until being enraged by the assumption of no longer being loved by Barry much to Thawne's consternation. Witnessing Thawne's interaction with Nora, Iris relates to Barry that Thawne, although manipulating Nora displays an paternal concern and seems to genuinely care.

However, it is revealed that Thawne's powers were negated by Cicada's dagger, that the whole reason he mentored Nora for traveling to the past was to destroy the dagger and free himself. After the dagger is destroyed, Thawne is freed moments before his execution, he fights Nora and Barry before Team Flash gets distracted when Nora began to be erased from existence. After the two ran away to enter the Negative Speed Force at Thawne's fervent suggestion, Thawne makes his escape. After escaping the Flashpoint timeline, Thawne's true form appears on season two traveling through time. Due to his own nullified state of existence being an aberration, he was hunted by the Black Flash, forcing him to seek out the Spear of Destiny in order to restore his natural existence. Unable to find the object and outrun the enforcer at the same time, Thawne formed a supervillain alliance. Thawne and his co-conspirators retrieve the Spear of Destiny, which they use to rewrite reality to their whims. Despite succeeding, his plan was foiled by the Legends travelling back in time and de-powering the object, causing Thawne to be vaporized by the Black Flash, being restored to the timeline and his original events as Wells.

During the crossover, Thawne is revealed to be an ally of the Nazi-dominated Earth-X leaders Dark Arrow and Overgirl. Claiming to have resumed the appearance of Wells "for o

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