10.5 cm SK L/45 naval gun

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10.5 cm SK L/45
German submarine gun (6811866383).jpg
The gun from the submarine SM UB-91, displayed as a memorial at Chepstow in Wales
Type Naval gun
Place of origin German Empire
Service history
In service 1907—1945
Used by German Empire
Nazi Germany
Wars World War I
World War II
Production history
Designed about 1906–1907
Weight 1,450 kilograms (3,200 lb)
Length 4.725 meters (15 ft 6.0 in)

Shell Fixed Brass Casing:
25.5 kilograms (56 lb)
Shell weight 17.4 kilograms (38 lb)
Caliber 105 millimeters (4.1 in)
Breech horizontal sliding-block

Dependent on mounting:

  • MPL C/06: -10° to +30°
  • Tbts LC/16: -10° to +50°
  • Ubts LC/16: -10° to +50°
  • Flak 45: -5° to +70°
  • MPLC/30: -9° to +80°[1]
Traverse 360°
Rate of fire 15 RPM
Muzzle velocity 710 m/s (2,300 ft/s)
Maximum firing range Horizontal: 12,700 metres (13,900 yd) at 30°
Vertical: 8,230 metres (27,000 ft) at 80°

The 10.5 cm SK L/45 (Schnelladekanone Länge 45, quick-loading cannon with a barrel length of 45 calibers) was a German naval gun that was used in World War I and World War II and was the successor of the older 10.5 cm SK L/40 naval gun.


The 10.5 cm SK L/45 gun weighed 1,450 kilograms (3,200 lb), had an overall length of 472.5 cm (15 ft 6 in). It used a horizontal sliding-block breech design.

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