100 Broken Windows

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100 Broken Windows
100 Broken Windows (Idlewild album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Idlewild
Released 9 May 2000
Recorded 1999 at Air Studios, London
Length 43:57
Label Food
Idlewild chronology
Hope Is Important
100 Broken Windows
The Remote Part
Singles from 100 Broken Windows
  1. "Little Discourage"
    Released: September, 1999
  2. "Actually It's Darkness"
    Released: March, 2000
  3. "These Wooden Ideas"
    Released: June, 2000
  4. "Roseability"
    Released: October, 2000
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3.5/5 stars[2]
Entertainment WeeklyA[3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide4/5 stars[6]

100 Broken Windows is the second full-length studio album by Scottish band Idlewild, released on 9 May 2000. The album showcased a significantly mellower, less distorted sound for Idlewild, with the songs being of a slower tempo than those on the punk influenced Hope Is Important. In 2008, vocalist Roddy Woomble stated that the album "seems to be the record many people make a connection with."[8]

The album was preceded by the single "Little Discourage" in September 1999 (charting at 24), then shortly before release "Actually It's Darkness" charted at number 23. After the album's release, the band enjoyed further hits with "These Wooden Ideas" (32) and "Roseability" (38).

The album was performed in full on 18 December 2008, with Woomble noting that he was "looking forward to playing it again."[8]


In December 2009, 100 Broken Windows ranked #1 in The Skinny's "Scottish Albums of the Decade" list.[9]

In an interview accompanying the accolade, vocalist Roddy Woomble noted:[9]

100 Broken Windows was very much, for me, us still getting somewhere, still finding our feet. I suppose that's maybe the best era of any band, when they've gone beyond their debut but they haven't quite got to the peak of their popularity yet; where they're somewhere in between. It's quite a pure area isn't it?

Track listing[edit]

Original Album (FOODCD32)

All tracks written by Idlewild.

1."Little Discourage"3:08
2."I Don't Have the Map"2:14
3."These Wooden Ideas"3:52
5."Idea Track"3:13
6."Let Me Sleep (Next to the Mirror)"3:20
7."Listen to What You've Got"2:32
8."Actually It's Darkness"2:39
10."Mistake Pageant"2:49
11."Quiet Crown"3:21
12."The Bronze Medal"3:35

Japanese Edition (TOCP-65397) Bonus Tracks:

13."Meet Me At The Harbour"3:19
14."There's Glory In Your Story"1:59

10th Anniversary Special Edition (FOODCDX 32)
Digitally remastered and expanded deluxe two-CD 10th anniversary edition, released in November 2010. All songs by Idlewild except "It'll Take A Long Time," written by Sandy Denny.

CD1: Tracks 1-12 as on original album.


1."Little Discourage (Live From Studio A)"4:54
2."A Tone"3:29
3."There's Glory In Your Story"1:59
4."Alternative To College (Unreleased Demo)"5:46
5."Idea Track (Demo Version)"2:43
6."Listen To What You've Got (Bob Weston Session)"2:32
7."Forgot To Follow"5:22
8."It'll Take A Long Time (BBC Session)"3:57
9."Victory At Sea (Unreleased Demo)"3:09
10."Other Peoples Happiness (Unreleased Demo)"3:37
11."Meet Me At The Harbour"3:19
12."West Haven"3:13
13."Jackson Was Haunted/Maths Rock (Unreleased Demo)"5:16
14."Romantics Were Prompted"3:57
15."Roseability (Demo Version)"2:19
16."I've Only Just Begun"2:14
17."Broken Windows"2:16
18."Undone (Unreleased Demo)"3:52
19."Bronze Medal (Bob Weston Session)"3:25

B-Sides from this album[edit]

  • "A Tone" (released with "Little Discourage")
  • "Broken Windows" (released with "Little Discourage")
  • "You Don't Have the Heart (Live)" (released with "Little Discourage")
  • "1990 Nighttime" (released with "Little Discourage")
  • "Meet Me at the Harbour" (released with "Actually It's Darkness")
  • "West Haven" (released with "Actually It's Darkness")
  • "Forgot to Follow" (released with "Actually It's Darkness")
  • "It'll Take A Long Time" (released with "Actually It's Darkness")
  • "There's Glory in Your Story" (released with "These Wooden Ideas")
  • "When the Ship Comes In" (Bob Dylan) (released with "These Wooden Ideas")
  • "Rescue" (Ian McCulloch/Les Pattinson/Will Sergeant/Pete de Freitas) (released with "These Wooden Ideas")
  • "Actually It's Darkness (Acoustic Version)" (released with "These Wooden Ideas")
  • "Thousand" (released with "Roseability")
  • "Rusty (Poor Soldier Remix)" (released with "Roseability")
  • "I've Only Just Begun" (released with "Roseability")
  • "Self Healer (Acoustic Lamacq Live)" (released with "Roseability")


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