107 Squadron (Israel)

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107 Squadron
Knights of the Orange Tail Squadron.gif
Knights of the Orange Tail
ActiveJanuary 1953-1954, 1960s-present
Country Israel
Branch Israeli Air Force
RoleAir Defence
Garrison/HQHatzerim Airbase
Motto(s)Knights of the Orange Tail
Aircraft flown
FighterF-16I Sufa
F-16I of the 107th squadron

The 107 Squadron (Hebrew: טייסת 107‎) of the Israeli Air Force, also known as the Knights of the Orange Tail (Hebrew: אבירי הזנב הכתום‎), was formed to operate Supermarine Spitfires out of Ramat David Airbase in January 1953. Although it was disbanded only a year later, it was reformed in the 1960s and currently operates the F-16I Sufa out of Hatzerim Airbase.


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