10th Arizona State Legislature

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10th Arizona State Legislature
9th 11th
The facade of the Arizona Capitol building in bright daylight
Jurisdiction Arizona, United States
Term January 1, 1931 – December 31, 1932
Members 19
President Fred Sutter (D)
Party control Democratic (18–1)
House of Representatives
Members 63
Speaker M. J. Hannon (D)
Party control Democratic (51–12)
1st January 12 – March 14, 1931

The 10th Arizona State Legislature, consisting of the Arizona State Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, was constituted from January 1, 1931 to December 31, 1932, during the first and second years of George W. P. Hunt's seventh tenure as Governor of Arizona, in Phoenix. The number of senators remained constant at 19, while the number of representatives increased from 54 to 63. The Democrats increased the large majorities they held in both houses.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the State Capitol in Phoenix on January 12, 1931; and adjourned on March 14.[1]:iii

There were no special sessions of this legislature during 1931 and 1932.

State Senate[edit]


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature.

County Senator Party Notes
Apache T. J. Bouldin Democratic
Cochise Fred Sutter* Democratic
John P. Cull Democratic
Coconino W. W. Midgley Republican
Gila Alfred Kinney* Democratic
E,. H. McEachren Democratic
Graham W. B. Kelley Democratic
Greenlee Harry W. Hill* Democratic
Maricopa Joe C. Haldiman Democratic
Frank T. Pomeroy Democratic
Mohave J. H. (Hubert) Smith Democratic
Navajo G. W. Nelson* Democratic
Pima T. W. Donnelly* Democratic
Thomas Collins Democratic
Pinal R. T. (Bob) Jones Democratic
Santa Cruz C. C. Crenshaw* Democratic
Yavapai A. H. Favour* Democratic
J. R. McFarland* Democratic Resigned, was replaced by John Francis Connor
John Francis Connor Democratic Appointed to replace J.R. McFarland
Yuma Hugo Farmer* Democratic


  • Secretary: William J. Graham
  • Assistant Secretary: B. F. Thum
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: D. B. McHenry
  • Chaplain: Dan P. Jones

House of Representatives[edit]


The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. The House grew by nine seats from the 9th Legislature: 5 in Maricopa County, 2 in Pima County, and 1 each in Gila and Yuma counties.

County Senator Party Notes
Apache P. I. Ashcroft Republican
Cochise W. E. Oxsheer* Democratic
J. E. Bevan Democratic
Thomas Cowperthwaite* Democratic
James W. Baker Democratic
A. E. Hinton* Democratic
D. A. Adam Democratic
William Coxon* Democratic
Coconino T. H. Cureton Republican
Howard Marine* Republican
Gila John McCormick* Democratic
J. T. Lewis* Democratic
William G. Rosenbaum* Democratic
Roy F. Kelly* Democratic
J. T. Lewis Democratic
Graham Jesse A. Udall Republican
Joseph H. Lines Democratic
Greenlee M. J. Hannon* Democratic
W. T. Witt* Democratic
Maricopa J. R. Barnette* Democratic
J. T. Bone Democratic
Hugh Callahan Democratic
H. C. Caveness Democratic
M. V. Decker * Democratic
L. O. DuRoss Democratic
M. J. Francis* Democratic Died in office
Mary Francis Democratic Appointed to replace M. J. Francis
J. F. Jennings* Democratic
Renz L. Jennings Democratic
Conner Johnson Democratic
Gertrude Bryan Leeper Democratic
J. Lee Loveless* Democratic
C. A. McKee Democratic
Albert L. Peck Democratic
J. J. Phillips Democratic
Bridgie Porter Democratic
L. Alton Riggs Democratic
W. L. Rigney Democratic
James B. Sayers Democratic
T. B. Stewart Democratic
D. R. Van Petten* Republican
William Walton Republican
Mohave Anson H. Smith* Democratic
Navajo Marshall H. Flake Republican
Charle G. McQuillan* Republican
Pima C. T. Reddington* Democratic
John H. Rapp Democratic
Thomas Malony* Democratic
D. M. Penny Democratic
August Wieden Democratic
Oliver B. Patton* Democratic
Thomas D. Tway Democratic
Kenneth K. Suber Democratic
Pinal H. J. Valentine Democratic
Thomas S. Richards Democratic
Santa Cruz Edwin F. Bohlinger Democratic
Yavapai Annie C. Jones* Democratic
S. A. Spear Democratic
F. L. Benham* Republican
V. C. Wiggins Republican
Grant H. Merrill Democratic
Yuma Nellie T. Bush Democratic
A. W. Johnson* Republican
John Doan* Republican


  • Chief Clerk: Lallah Ruth
  • Assistant Chief Clerk: Ruby Coulter
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Jack Provost
  • Chaplain: Reverend C. M. Burkhart


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