Year 1133 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. Spring – A German expeditionary force led by King Lothair III marches into Northern Italy, arrives at Rome after a 6-month journey across the Alps. Accompanied by Bernard of Clairvaux, French abbot and Doctor of the Church, Lothair is crowned by Pope Innocent II as Holy Roman Emperor at the Church of the Lateran on June 4, he receives as papal fiefs the vast estates of Matilda, former margravine of Tuscany, which he secures for his daughter Gertrude of Süpplingenburg and her husband, Duke Henry X of Bavaria. July 17 – Battle of Fraga: The Castellan troops led by King Alfonso I defeat the Almoravid army, thanks to a timely intervention of a Norman Crusader army from Tarragona, led by Robert Bordet. Ramon Berenguer IV, count of Barcelona, launches a raid against Almoravid-held territories in Al-Andalus, pillages the country all the way to Cadiz; the first convent on Iceland, the Þingeyraklaustur, is inaugurated at a monastery of the Order of Saint Benedict.

Antipope Anacletus II forces Innocent II out of Rome following the departure of Lothair III. Innocent takes ship to Pisa. Geoffrey of Monmouth, an English cleric, writes the chronicle Historia Regum Britanniae. Rijnsburg Abbey is founded by Petronilla of Lorraine and regent of Holland. Construction of the chapter house at Durham Cathedral and is completed in 1140. March 5 – Henry II, king of England May 13 – Hōnen, Japanese religious reformer Abu al-Abbas al-Jarawi, Moroccan poet Abu Mansur Isma'il Al-Zafir, Fatimid caliph Andronikos Doukas Angelos, Byzantine aristocrat Faidiva of Toulouse, countess of Savoy Ralph de Sudeley, English nobleman Sigurd II, king of Norway Urraca of Castile, queen of Navarre Thorlak Thorhallsson, Icelandic bishop (d. 1193 Zhang Shi, Chinese Confucian scholar February 19 – Irene Doukaina, Byzantine empress May 1 – Manegold von Mammern, German abbot December 4 – Bernard degli Uberti, Italian bishop December 18 – Hildebert, French hagiographer December 21 – Guigues III, French nobleman Dirmicius of Regensburg, Irish monk and abbot Gregory of Catino, Italian monk and historian þorlákur Runólfsson, Icelandic bishop

Elliott Perry

Elliott Perry, of New Jersey, was a researcher and expert on postage stamps and postal history of the United States. Although he collected, was an expert on, all phases of United States stamp collecting, Perry’s interest led him to concentrating on revenue stamps and city post stamps. During his lifetime, Perry built up a number of specialized collections, which he sold; because of his research, Perry authored a considerable number of articles and monographs on his findings. He wrote for Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News under the pseudonym Christopher West and wrote numerous articles on revenue stamps for the weekly; the articles he wrote for Mekeel’s were so significant, that they were collected and printed in three volumes by Castenholz and Company. He wrote two additional handbooks for Mekeel’s, the first entitled The First United States Postage Stamp Otherwise Known as the United States City Despatch Post, the second one entitled United States 1857–1860 Issues. Perry authored articles in the Collectors Club Philatelist, these related to his plating of the 200 subjects of the U.

S.-1847-10¢ stamp, which the Scott catalog recognizes as stamp No. 2 of the United States. Perry published his own journal entitled Pat Paragraphs; the articles were considered so valuable to stamp collectors, that they were subsequently arranged by topic by George Townsend Turner and Thomas E. Stanton, published in 1981 in book form as Pat Paragraphs, by Elliott Perry. Perry was unable to complete work on the three books he was writing prior to his death, his notes and finished portions of his books, were published posthumously by a number of philatelic publishers. Perry was named to the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame in 1973. Philately Philatelic literature APS Hall of Fame – Elliott Perry

2013 World Games

The 2013 World Games, the ninth World Games, were an international multi-sport event held in the city of Cali, from July 25 to August 4. The 2013 World Games were allocated to the German cities of Duisburg and Düsseldorf. However, at the end of 2008, Duisburg withdrew and Düsseldorf dropped out because both cities could not secure enough funding as a result of the financial crisis of 2007–08 and the subsequent Great Recession. Two alternate cities came forward to the IWGA to bid for these Games: Pretoria, South Africa and Cali, Colombia. During The World Games 2009 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, the IWGA announced that Cali has won the right to host The World Games in 2013. There were 4 invitational sports. Powerlifting Tug of war The "Garden of Sport" events were held in the neighboring towns of Buga and Jamundí; these demonstration events served to showcase these disciplines for potential inclusion in future games. Two of the competitions were held at Coliseo Mayor in Buga: men's and women's.

The other two disciplines took place in Jamundí: Coliseo Alfaguara y Plaza Mayor - Frontball Estadio El Cacique - Hapkido 2013 World Games Event Schedule Note: Due to concerns about temperature and air flow at the Del Pueblo Gymnasium, where the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics was taking place, the Ribbons event was cancelled at the last moment. Key: Invitational sport 2013 World Games participant countries: This particular edition made the mistake of putting the words "word games" instead of "world games," on one thousand medals; this fact was reported by Colombian news organization Noticias Uno. Several athletes were surprised upon seeing the typo. According to the representative of the firm that engraved the medals, several authorities had seen and approved the medals' design without noticing the mistake, including Coldeportes director Andrés Botero, the head of the Organizing Committee Rodrigo Otoya; the representative stated that, according to a corporate policy, "... any mistake after the art has been approved will not be responsibility of the Firm" Regarding the medals, Rodrigo Guerrero, Mayor of Cali, unabashedly stated that "This mistake in no way undermines the value of the medals, the spirit of the games.

People are making a tempest in a tea cup out of this situation" Key: Medal tally of the 2013 World Games' Official Results website, which includes road speed skating. In one aerobic gymnastics event there was a four-way tie for first place. In another aerobic gymnastics event there was a tie for second-place. In two trampoline/tumbing gymnastics events, there was tie for first-place. * Host nation Key: As of August 3, 2013, from the Games' official Invitational Sports Medal Tally. * Host nation Señal Colombia TV Esporte Interativo and ESPN Brasil VTV NHK Fox Sports ESPN Czech Television CCTV STAR Sports Fox Sports Plus HD Official website World Games 2013 - International World Games Association