12th General Assembly of Newfoundland

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12th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Colonial Building seat of the Newfoundland government and the House of Assembly from January 28, 1850, to July 28, 1959.
Founded 1874
Disbanded 1878
Preceded by 11th General Assembly of Newfoundland
Succeeded by 13th General Assembly of Newfoundland
William Whiteway
Since 1878
Last election
Newfoundland general election, 1874

The members of the 12th General Assembly of Newfoundland were elected in the Newfoundland general election held in November 1874. The general assembly sat from 1875 to 1878.

The Conservative Party led by Frederick Carter formed the government.[1] After Carter resigned in early 1878, William Whiteway became party leader and Premier.[2]

Prescott Emerson was chosen as speaker, serving until 1877. James S. Winter succeeded Emerson as speaker.[3]

Sir Stephen John Hill served as colonial governor of Newfoundland until 1876.[4] Sir John Hawley Glover succeeded Hill as governor.[5]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1874:[6]

Member Electoral district Affiliation
James J. Rogerson Bay de Verde Conservative
John H. Warren Bonavista Bay Conservative
Charles Bowring Conservative
Alexander J.W. McNeilly Conservative
Prescott Emerson Burgeo-La Poile Conservative
Charles R. Ayre Burin Conservative
James S. Winter Conservative
John Rorke Carbonear Conservative
Richard Raftus Ferryland Anti-Confederate
James G. Conroy Anti-Confederate
Robert Alexander Fortune Bay Conservative
Ambrose Shea Harbour Grace Conservative
Joseph Godden Conservative
Joseph I. Little Harbour Main Anti-Confederate
Patrick Nowlan Anti-Confederate
Charles Fox Bennett Placentia and St. Mary's Anti-Confederate
James Collins Anti-Confederate
Michael E. Dwyer Anti-Confederate
Nathaniel Rabbits Port de Grave Conservative
Robert J. Kent St. John's East Anti-Confederate
Robert John Parsons Anti-Confederate
John J. Dearin Anti-Confederate
Lewis Tessier St. John's West Anti-Confederate
Maurice Fenelon Anti-Confederate
Patrick J. Scott Anti-Confederate
William Whiteway Trinity Bay Conservative
John Steer Conservative
James H. Watson Conservative
Frederick Carter Twillingate and Fogo Conservative
Charles Duder Conservative
William Kelligrew Conservative





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