139th Infantry Regiment (United States)

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139th Infantry Regiment
CountryUnited States
AllegianceKansas, North Carolina
BranchKansas Army National Guard, North Carolina Army National Guard.
Motto(s)First, Furthest, Last.
EngagementsWorld War I
World War II
Distinctive unit insignia
139 Inf Rgt DUI.jpg
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The 139th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment of the United States Army, North Carolina Army National Guard. In its past, it was a combat infantry regiment, but now it is known as the 139th Regiment, and manages North Carolina's Regional Training Institute (RTI) at Fort Bragg.


The 139th Infantry Regiment claims history from three different states. The soldiers in the battalion during and after World War II claim that the 139th's history traces back to North Carolinian soldiers in the Confederate States Army, but the regiment was originally formed for service in World War I from Kansas and Missouri troops. On 1 October 1917, varying units of the 2nd Kansas, 3rd Kansas, and 4th Missouri Regiment joined together to create the 139th U.S. Infantry Regiment, and were attached to the 35th Infantry Division, the "Santa Fe" division.[1] The regiment arrived in England on 7 May 1918 and began training and transit for combat in France.[2] The regiment made its first combat action on 26 September 1918 in the Sommedieue sector. As part of the 70th Brigade, it attacked alongside the 140th Infantry Regiment. After taking their objectives here, the regiment advanced to the Argonne Sector and assaulted the German positions. By 1 October, the 139th was relived by elements of the 1st Infantry Division and they had suffered 65% casualties.[3] The regiment was deactivated on 8 May 1919 at Camp Funston, Kansas. The 139th was reactivated in 1940 for service in World War II, and fought in the Battle of Normandy, and in the Central Europe Campaign. In 1958, the 139th began its service at the North Carolina RTI by training Officer Candidates. On 1 April 1959, the 3rd Battalion of the regiment was reflagged as the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron of the 252nd Armor Regiment, North Carolina Army National Guard. As of 2012, the 139th Regiment has begun training Non-Commissioned Officers on artillery operation.