13th Street station (SEPTA)

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13th Street
13th – Market

SEPTA rapid transit station
13th Street MFL 1.jpg
13th Street trolley 1.jpg
Left: Market-Frankford tracks
Right: Trolley station tracks
Location 13th and Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA
Coordinates 39°57′7″N 75°9′41″W / 39.95194°N 75.16139°W / 39.95194; -75.16139Coordinates: 39°57′7″N 75°9′41″W / 39.95194°N 75.16139°W / 39.95194; -75.16139
Owned by City of Philadelphia (leased to SEPTA)


Connections City Bus SEPTA City Bus: 17, 33, 38, 44, 48
Suburban Bus SEPTA Suburban Bus: 124, 125
Structure type Underground
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1908
Electrified 700 volts DC(MFL)
Overhead lines(SST)
Previous names 13th/Juniper[1][2]
Preceding station   SEPTA.svg SEPTA   Following station
toward 69th Street
Market–Frankford Line
toward Frankford
Subway–Surface Trolley LinesTerminus

13th Street station (formerly 13th/Juniper Street station) is a SEPTA Market-Frankford Line and Subway-Surface Lines station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, under Market Street between 13th and Juniper Streets in Center City. The station serves the Market–Frankford Line and as the terminus for all five routes of the Subway–Surface Trolley Lines. The Subway–Surface Trolley station was known as Juniper Street until 2011. The trolleys now sign 13th–Market as their inbound destination.

The Market–Frankford Line platforms are located one story below ground level, connected to the Center City Commuter Connection concourse. The south concourse, accessible from the eastbound platform, features underground access to SEPTA's headquarters and transit museum, located at 1234 Market Street.

The Subway–Surface trolley platform for Routes 10, 11, 13, 34, and 36 is located two stories below ground level, and is accessible only by escalator or stairway from the Market–Frankford platforms. The station is located at the end of the Subway–Surface Line on a balloon loop located under Juniper Street, and features a single track with all trolleys operating in the same direction. Inbound trolleys discharge passengers on the southernmost portion of the platform. The trolley then proceeds to pick up passengers at either Berth 1 or Berth 2. Routes 10, 11 and 13 board at Berth 1, which is located on the northernmost portion of the platform. Routes 34 and 36 board at Berth 2, which is in the center of the platform. Upon departure of the station, the track wraps around and heads west towards 15th Street station. It also features a short spur track to the northeast that is occasionally used to park stranded or dead trolleys.

Station layout[edit]

G Street Level Entrances/Exits
Subway platform
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Westbound Market–Frankford Line toward 69th Street (15th Street)
Eastbound Market–Frankford Line toward Frankford (11th Street)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Trolley platform
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Westbound Trolley Lines toward West Philadelphia (15th Street)

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SEPTA City Buses

SEPTA Suburban Buses


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