14 Street W (Calgary)

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14 Street W
Early morning Calgary (8664599793).jpg
14 St NW along Nose Hill Park (2013).
Location Calgary, Alberta

Southern section
14 Street SW
Length 6.0 km (3.7 mi)[1]
South end Canyon Meadows Drive
Anderson Road
Southland Drive
North end Glenmore Trail

Central section
14 Street SW, 14 Street NW
Length 15.0 km (9.3 mi)[1]
South end 38 Avenue SW
North end Hidden Valley Drive

Northern section
14 Street NW
Length 4.5 km (2.8 mi)[1]
South end Panatella Boulevard
Stoney Trail (Hwy 201)
North end Hwy 566
(Calgary city limits)
Southern section

Central section

Northern section

14 Street W is the name of two major arterial roads and a short collector road in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; separated by the Elbow River and the West Nose Creek valley.[2] Originally proposed as a continuous route and north-south freeway, plans were cancelled in favor of 24 Street W, which became Crowchild Trail.

Route description[edit]

Southern segment[edit]

The south segment begins at Canyon Meadows Drive and is an expressway between Anderson Road and Glenmore Trail, passing by Heritage Park Historical Village and Rockyview General Hospital. 14 Street SW is part of bypass route which connects Highway 1 west and Highway 2 south, as well as part of a major north-south corridor which includes portions of Macleod Trail, Anderson Road, Glenmore Trail, and Crowchild Trail.

The City of Calgary is currently constructing transit-only lanes between Southland Drive and Glenmore Trail as part of the Southwest BRT project,[3] it scheduled to be operational in 2019.[4]

Central segment[edit]

The central portion of 14 Street W travels between the communities of Altadore and Elbow Park in the south and Hidden Valley in the north, passing through Calgary's inner city west of downtown. It starts at the intersection of 38 Avenue SW as 14 Street SW and travels north where it crosses the Bow River on the Mewata Bridge and becomes 14 Street NW. It continues north past SAIT and North Hill Centre, crossing 16 Avenue NW (Highway 1) and John Laurie Boulevard. It continues along the eastern edge of Nose Hill Park, ending in the community of Hidden Valley north of Country Hills Boulevard.

14 Street W used to be part of Highway 1A between 9 Avenue SW and 16 Avenue NW, but the designation was dropped in the 1970s.

Northern segment[edit]

The extreme northern portion of 14 Street NW connects the communities of Panorama Hills and Evanston. The northern segment is split by Stoney Trail, where ramps allow for right-in/right-out access; however grading is in place for a future partial-cloverleaf interchange. North of Symons Valley Parkway, 14 Street NW becomes a rural road and ends at the Calgary city limits at the Highway 566 intersection; continuing as Range Road 14 in Rocky View County. The roadway will be expanded to a four lane, arterial road as the future community of Keystone Hills, located to the east, is developed.[5]

Major intersections[edit]

From north to south.[2] The entire route is in Calgary.

0.00.0Canyon Meadows DriveRoadway turns east.
1.10.68 Anderson Road to Hwy 2 south
2.41.5Southland Drive
3.62.290 Avenue SW
4.42.7Heritage Drive – Heritage Park
5.33.3 75 Avenue SW – Rockyview General HospitalNo westbound to southbound access.
6.03.7 Glenmore Trail to Hwy 1 westSemi-directional T interchange
2.9 km (1.8 mi) gap in 14 Street SW
8.95.538 Avenue SW
9.45.833 Avenue SW / Council Avenue
10.06.226 Avenue SW
10.96.817 Avenue SW
11.47.112 Avenue SWOne-way; eastbound
11.67.211 Avenue SWOne-way; westbound
11.67.2 10 Avenue SW – Sunalta station
9 Avenue SW east / Bow Trail west – City CentreInterchange; exit to 9 Ave SW, entrance from Bow Trail (6 Ave SW) only
Mewata Bridge crosses the Bow River
12.27.6Memorial DriveInterchange; northbound to westbound exit, eastbound to southbound entrance
12.57.8Kensington Road
13.18.15 Avenue NW / 6 Avenue NW
13.88.6 14 Avenue NW – SAIT, ACAD, Jubilee Auditorium, SAIT/ACAD/Jubilee stationDiamond interchange
14.18.8 16 Avenue NW (Hwy 1)Diamond interchange
14.59.020 Avenue NW
14.99.324 Avenue NW
15.99.9Northmount Drive
16.610.3John Laurie BoulevardSingle-point urban interchange; traffic signals
16.910.5North Haven Drive
19.111.964 Avenue NW – Nose Hill Park
22.213.8MacEwan Glen Drive / Bershire Boulevard
23.214.4MacEwan Drive / Sandrac Drive
23.514.6Country Hills Boulevard
23.914.9Hidden Valley Drive
2.7 km (1.7 mi) gap in 14 Street NW
26.616.5Panatella Boulevard
27.216.9 Stoney Trail (Hwy 201)Right-in/right-out (exit 52 on Hwy 201); no through traffic;
future partial cloverleaf interchange
27.717.2Symons Valley Parkway
31.119.3 Hwy 566 (146 Avenue NW)Calgary city limits
Continues north as Range Road 14
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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