153rd Cavalry Regiment

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153rd Cavalry Regiment
153rd Cav. Reg coa.png
Coat of arms
Activecirca 1884-present
Country United States
BranchUnited States Army
RoleReconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
Garrison/HQPanama City, Florida
Motto(s)Scouts Out
World War I
World War II
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation New Dawn
DecorationsPresidential Unit Citation (United States) Philippine Presidential Unit Citation
Distinctive unit insignia153rd Cavalry Regiment (United States).png
U.S. Cavalry Regiments
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151st Cavalry Regiment 183rd Cavalry Regiment
1-153 Cavalry Challenge Coin, 2013
Pre-mobilization at Camp Blanding, FL in October, 2009.
2008 recruitment poster for the "Darkhorse" Squadron.
Staff of 3-124 Infantry, Commanded by LTC Charles Mohr in Fort Sherman, Panama, at annual training in 4–18 August 1973.[1]
Staff officers of 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry at pre-mobilization training in Camp Blanding. October, 2009.
Troop Commanders of 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry at pre-mobilization training in Camp Blanding. October, 2009.
First Sergeants and the Command Sergeant Major of 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry at pre-mobilization training in Camp Blanding. October, 2009.

The 153rd Cavalry Regiment is a unit of the Florida Army National Guard. Only the 1st Squadron of the regiment is active, with headquarters at Panama City, Florida. The squadron was formed in 2007 by conversion of the 3rd Battalion, 124th Infantry.

1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry[edit]

First Squadron, 153rd Cavalry "Darkhorse" is headquartered in Panama City, Florida with units throughout the Panhandle. It was formerly 3rd Battalion, 124th Infantry and officially converted to cavalry on 1 September 2007 when the 53rd Infantry Brigade converted from a "separate brigade" to the brigade combat team structure.

3-124th Infantry Battalion Staff in 2003 prior to Iraq Invasion.

Prior to 2006-07 when the Army transformed brigades into brigade combat teams (BCT), the brigade reconnaissance unit was only a single troop; in the 53rd Infantry Brigade it was E Troop, 153rd Cavalry in Ocala. The 2006-07 BCT reorganization disbanded E Troop altogether and converted the 3rd Battalion "Warrior", 124th Infantry into what is the 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry. Though E Troop and 1st Squadron share the same coat of arms, 1-153 Cavalry was constituted entirely from the infantrymen of 3-124 Infantry and so continue the 3rd Battalion's lineage.[2]

In 1968 a 3rd Infantry battalion of the 124th Infantry was reconstituted and remained a light infantry battalion until 2006-2007 when the battalion converted into the 1-153rd Cavalry Squadron. They specialized in jungle fighting and made many rotations to Fort Sherman, Panama to conduct annual training.

3rd Battalion, 124th Infantry was mobilized just after Christmas 2002 and moved up to Fort Stewart, Georgia for training. Alpha and Charlie companies deployed to Kuwait in January and were part of the initial invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. One company was attached to the 4th Infantry Division and was on a ship waiting orders to invade through Turkey before Turkey denied U.S. forces entry. Companies of the battalion were attached to 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, and 1st Marine Division during the invasion. In 2004 when 3rd ID left, 3-124 Infantry was attached to 1st Armored Division, with elements also supporting ODAs from 5th Special Forces Group and 19th Special Forces Group. The battalion was assigned to downtown Baghdad, based at FOB Warrior in the Aadhamiya neighborhood.

Organization (2007 – present)[edit]

Company Station
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1-153 CAV Panama City, Florida
Troop A, 1-153 CAV (Motorized Reconnaissance Troop) Bonifay, Florida
Troop B, 1-153 CAV (Motorized Reconnaissance Troop) Pensacola, Florida
Troop C, 1-153 CAV (Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop) Tallahassee, Florida
Delta Company, Forward Support Company (FSC), 53rd Brigade Support Battalion (BSB) Chipley, Florida

Three years after the cavalry transformation, the squadron was mobilized and deployed with the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn. In preparation for their 2010 deployment, the squadron underwent intense pre-mobilization training at Camp Blanding, FL for the entire month of October 2009. They mobilized under Title 10 orders on 2 January 2010 and flew to Fort Hood, Texas for two months of mobilization training. In the first week of March the squadron arrived at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. B Troop deployed to Qatar for a security force mission. HHT, A, and C Troops were stationed at Camp Buehring, Kuwait. A Troop controlled Khabari Crossing at the border of Iraq. C Troop was responsible for quick reaction force (QRF) missions around Camps Buehring and Virginia and an area reaction force mission (ARF) for northern Kuwait. The squadron redeployed and demobilized at Fort Stewart, GA in December, 2010.


Ribbon Award Streamer embroidered Order No. Unit Awarded
Dark blue ribbon with a gold border Presidential Unit Citation (Army) NEW GUINEA 1944 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry
Dark blue ribbon with a gold border Presidential Unit Citation (Army) IRAQ 2003 Permanent Orders 110-15, 20 April 2009[3] 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry
blue, yellow, and red horizontal stripes Presidential Unit Citation (Navy) IRAQ 2003 Permanent Orders 100-25, 9 April 2008[4] 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry
Army Superior Unit Award ribbon Meritorious Unit Commendation 2015-2016 Permanent Order 128-001, 8 May 2017 Troop B, 1st Squadron, 153d Cavalry
Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines).svg Philippine Presidential Unit Citation 17 OCTOBER 1944 TO 4 JULY 1945 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry
Florida National Guard Governor's Meritorious Unit Citation.jpg Florida Governor's Meritorious Unit Citation 2003 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry
Florida National Guard Governor's Meritorious Unit Citation.jpg Florida Governor's Meritorious Unit Citation 2010 1st Squadron, 153d Cavalry

Campaign participation credit[edit]

World War I

  • Streamer without Inscription[2]

World War II

  • New Guinea 1943-1944 (with arrowhead)[2]
  • Southern Philippines 1945[2]

War on Terrorism

  • Global War on Terrorism[2]
  • Liberation of Iraq 2003
  • Transition of Iraq 2003-2004


B Troop, 153rd Cavalry[edit]

Troop B, 1st Squadron, 153rd Cavalry Regiment is a motorized reconnaissance troop, a unit of the Florida Army National Guard, stationed in Pensacola, Florida. The company was first organized in DeFuniak Springs, Florida under command of Captain J. R. Cawthorn on December 6, 1947 during the post-WW II reorganization of the Florida National Guard.[6] In February 1963, Company D, 1st Armored Rifle Battalion, 124th Infantry reorganized as the 267th Engineer Co. In March 1964, the engineer company was redesignated the 153d Engineer Company, minus two engineer platoons stationed in Quincy, Florida. In January 1968, the unit was reorganized into Company B, 3d Battalion, 124th Infantry. The company had a mess team at their home station and a detachment of two rifle platoons in Quincy.[7][8] On March 1, 1998, Company B was restationed one hour away in Pensacola.[9]

E Troop, 153rd Cavalry[edit]

Troop E, 153rd Cavalry was first organized in Tallahassee in 1964 as the mounted reconnaissance element of the 53rd Armored Brigade. The troop had tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs). In 1968, a 3rd Infantry battalion was constituted when the 53rd Armored Brigade was re-flagged as the 53rd Infantry Brigade and the Tallahassee unit became A Company, 3rd Battalion, 124th Infantry. Troop E was reactivated in Ocala, Florida and deployed to Afghanistan in 2005. The Ocala-based Troop E was disbanded during the Brigade Combat Team reformation in 2006-2007.

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