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Tampella 155 K 83
155 K 83-97 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 3.JPG
Modernized 155 K 83-97
TypeField gun/Gun-howitzer
Place of originFinland
Barrel length6 m (19 ft 8 in)

Caliber155 mm (6.1 in)
Elevation-° to 70°
Rate of fire8 rpm (sustained)
3 rounds/15s (burst)
Muzzle velocity800 m/s (2,600 ft/s)
Effective firing range23 km (14 mi) (normal shells)
Maximum firing range30 km (19 mi) (base bleed)

The Tampella 155 K 83 is a Finnish towed 155 mm field gun (Finnish designation; technically it is a gun-howitzer), manufactured in the 1980s by Tampella.


The development process for the 155 K 83 began in 1960 when Tampella presented their concept of a new 122 mm gun for the Finnish Army. It was a sound concept, but quite a heavy gun. It was only ordered in small numbers. In order to take advantage of the design, a decision was made to further develop this into a 155 mm gun. Through a number of development stages the 155 K 83 was born.

The drawings were also used to develop the Israeli Soltam M-68, which, after improvements, became the Soltam M-71 (designated the G4 in South Africa).[1] Some guns have been modernized to 155 K 83-97 standard.

The gun design was further modified in the late 1990s. The gun, called 155 GH 52 APU (or 155 K 98 in Finnish Army service), was given a longer, 52 calibre barrel and an auxiliary power unit, enabling it to move by its own power. The chamber was also changed to support modern NATO-standard charge bags.


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