15th Infantry Division (Philippines)

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15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve)
Division de Infanteria 15 (Reserva Activa)
15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve) Unit Seal.jpg
Unit Seal of the 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve)
Active 10 July 2006 – Present
Country Philippines Philippines
Allegiance Philippines Republic of the Philippines
Branch Philippine Army
Type Laang Kawal Seal.jpg Army Reserve
Philippine Army Infantry BC.jpg Light Infantry Division
Role performs multiple military roles in Conventional and Unconventional Warfare, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response (HA/DR), and Civil-Military Operations (CMO)
Size 5 Brigades, 15 Battalions. Total is 6,320 trained and operational citizen-soldiers
Part of Philippine Army Reserve Command (Since 2006)
Garrison/HQ NCRRCDG Cpd, Fort Andres Bonifacio, Metro Manila
Nickname(s) "Defender & Builder Division"
"Division Defensor y Constuctor"
Motto(s) "Defender & Builder"
"Defensor y Constuctor"
Mascot(s) Crossed Rifle & Shovel
Anniversaries 10 July 2006
Decorations Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines) Streamer.png
Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation Badge
Battle honours None
US-O7 insignia.svg BGen Marcelo B Javier Jr (RES) AFP
BGen Marcelo B Javier Jr (RES) AFP
Search and Rescue Tab
The AFP Search and Rescue Tab.jpg
Laang Kawal Seal
Laang Kawal Seal.jpg
Philippine Army Infantry Branch Insignia
Philippine Army Infantry BC.jpg

The 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve), Philippine Army,[1] known as the Defender & Builder Division, is one of the Army Reserve Command's ready reserve infantry divisions.

The unit specializes in Urban Warfare, Urban Search and Rescue, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, and Civil-Military Operations. It operates in the National Capital Region.


Brigadier General Marcelo B Javier Jr (RES) AFP; the commanding general of the 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve).

The Philippine Army felt the need to re-organize its reserve units in the National Capital Region (NCR) when the 9th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve) was deactivated and the newly created regular infantry division (9ID) took its numerical designation.

On 16 June 2006, pursuant to the directives of the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, the Army Adjutant General published General Orders number 290. The order tasked the Philippine Army Reserve Command to activate a Reserve Infantry Division to fill in the vacant post of the former 9ID(RR).[2]

Finally on 20 July 2006, with further consultation from his staff, Brigadier General Emmanuel Cayton AFP, then Commander; Army Reserve Command transferred operational and administrative control of the 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve) under the NCRRCDG pursuant to General Orders Nr. 233 and Colonel Marcelo B Javier Jr INF (GSC) RES PA was installed as its first commanding officer.[3]

The 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve), then was composed of line task units re-organized from the deactivated 9th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve) PA. Additional units were later added as the division grew to full strength.

The Commission on Appointments, confirms the promotion of Colonel Javier Jr to brigadier general on 21 September 2012.[4]

On 3 December 2012, Colonel Javier Jr was sworn in as a brigadier general by President Benigno S. Aquino III, together with other newly promoted generals of the AFP at the Rizal Hall of the Malacañan Palace.[5]

The division, since its activation, has performed countless Civil-Military Operations, Search and Rescue Operations and directly assist then AFP National Capital Regional Command and now the AFP Joint Task Force-National Capital Region in fulfilling its mandate of ensuring peace and order within the National Capital Region.[6][7]


  • Base for expansion of the Regular Force in the event of war, invasion or rebellion within its AOP.
  • Assist the Government in Relief and Rescue Operations in the event of Calamities or Disasters.[8]
  • Assist the Government in Socio-economic development and environmental concerns.[9]
  • Assist in the operation and maintenance of essential government and private utilities (e.g. power, telecommunications, water).


A well disciplined, organized, trained and non-partisan citizen army, able to augment the regular force and respond to national disasters and threats to national security, during peacetime, war or rebellion mandated to perform tasks of Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW).

Lineage of Commanding Officers[edit]


The following are the Base/Brigade units that are under the 15th Infantry Division (RR).

Base Units[edit]

Line Units[edit]


The following are division-level special trainings undertaken by the unit soldiers:

  • Basic Citizen Military Training
  • Military Orientation Training
  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Disaster Emergency Assistance and Rescue Training
  • High Angle Rescue Training
  • Mountain Search and Rescue Training
  • Water Search and Rescue Training
  • Urban Search and Rescue Training
  • Civil Military Operations Orientation Training
  • Special Forces Operations Orientation Training
  • Field Artillery Orientation Training
  • Combat Engineering Orientation Training
  • Small Unit Tactics Training
  • VIP Security Training
  • Motorcycle Unit Training
  • Combat Lifesaver Training
  • Reservist Intelligence Collection Training
  • Military Intelligence and Security Training
  • Counterintelligence Refresher Course
  • Military Intelligence Agent Training
  • Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance Agent cross-trained with Counter Improvised Explosive Device

Training is supervised and course-directed by reserve officers who are occupational specialty qualified, former active duty members, and already incorporated in the ready reserve force.

Unit soldiers also undertake regular courses from the AFP and regular Army TRADOC and special schools. There are reservists who are already authorized to don infantry, ordnance, civil military operations, psychological operations and airborne badges. The unit reservists also undertake specialized trainings from other government agencies.

Many unit officers and personnel have already served the fixed two-year called-to-active-duty tour in the regular force. As a modern reserve force, many possess advanced degrees, technical and professional certifications that fill skill gaps in the regular force. Most of the officers and personnel are also employed in local government administration and private and government security services. Reservists of the unit are considered excellent force multipliers in internal security and external defense operations.


  • Various Civil-Military Operations
  • Various Internal Security Intelligence and Counterintelligence Operations
  • Various National-level Disaster Field Demonstrations and Exercises
  • Various Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Operations
  • Rescue and Relief Operations TS Ondoy & Pepeng (September - October 2010)
  • Rescue and Relief Operations TS Sendong (October 2011)
  • Rescue and Relief Operations West Monsoon HABAGAT (August 2012)
  • Intelligence Support for Counter Narcotics Operations in various cities of Metro Manila
  • Rescue and Relief Operations Super Typhoon Yolanda (November 2013)
  • Rescue and Relief Operations (TF Glenda) (16 Jul 14 – 17 Jul 14)
  • Rescue and Relief Operations (TF Mario) (19 Sep 14 – 21 Sep 14)

Awards and Decorations[edit]

Campaign Streamers[edit]

Award Streamer Streamer Name Operation Date Awarded Reference
Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines) Streamer.png Presidential Unit Citation Badge SAR/DRR Ops, TS Ketsana & TS Parma 4 February 2010 General Orders No. 112, GHQ-AFP, dtd 4 Feb '10
Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines) Streamer.png Presidential Unit Citation Badge General Elections, Philippines 1 July 2010 General Orders No. 641, GHQ-AFP, dtd 1 July '10


Military Badge Badge Name Operation Date Awarded Reference
AFP HOPE Badge.png
AFP Election Duty Badge General Elections, Philippines 21 May 2010 General Orders No. 513, GHQ-AFP, dtd 21 May '10



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