1608 in art

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List of years in art (table)

Events from the year 1608 in art.


  • August - Caravaggio is arrested and imprisoned for his part in a brawl.[1] He subsequently escapes and flees Malta.
  • December 1 - The senior Knights of Malta, after verifying that Caravaggio has failed to appear before them although summoned four times, vote unanimously to expel their putridum et foetidum ex-brother.
  • Hendrick Avercamp moves from Amsterdam to Kampen.
  • Mesrop of Khizan paints a Gospel.





  1. ^ The discovery of the evidence for this brawl was reported by Dr Keith Sciberras of the University of Malta, in "Frater Michael Angelus in tumultu: the cause of Caravaggio's imprisonment in Malta", The Burlington Magazine, CXLV, April 2002, pp.229–232, and "Riflessioni su Malta al tempo del Caravaggio", Paragone Arte, Anno LII N.629, July 2002, pp.3–20. Sciberras' findings are summarised online at Caravaggio.com.