167th Infantry Regiment (United States)

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167th Infantry Regiment
167th Infantry Regiment COA.png
Coat of arms
CountryUnited States
Allegiance United States
BranchAlabama Army National Guard
TypeLight Infantry
Nickname(s)"4th Alabama" 167th Infantry, Alabama, 4th Alabama Infantry, Tab, cropped.jpg
Motto(s)SIGNA INFEREMUS (We Shall Drive Forward)
EngagementsAmerican Civil War
World War I
World War II
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Distinctive unit insignia167th Infantry Regiment DUI
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The 167th Infantry Regiment's history lives on in the 1st Battalion, 167th Infantry, "4th Alabama"; part of the Alabama National Guard. The unit traces its history back to the Seminole Indian wars. They fought at Seven Pines, Second Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg and The Wilderness among other battles as the 4th Alabama (symbolized in the 13 blue stars on the coat of arms).[1]

Gen. Bee leads the 4th Alabama against Matthew's Hill[2]

In 1916, they skirmished with Pancho Villa's bandits along the Mexican border during the Punitive Expedition.

They were under the 42nd Division in World War I and fought in 5 major campaigns, symbolized in the 5 fleurs-de-lis on their coat of arms.[1]

The 167th Regiment was assigned to the 31st Division during World War II and fought in the Pacific in the Battle of the Philippines.

World War I Memorial in New Croix Rouge Farm, France honoring the 167th Infantry Regiment.[3]

2005 Deployment to Iraq[edit]


"Only Company A of the 167th was officially mobilized for Iraq, but in order for the unit to reach the requisite 145 men, soldiers had to be drawn from the 167th's Companies B and C as well. Most of them volunteered. Company A is now an eclectic bunch, representing Alabama National Guard armories in Valley, Heflin, Pelham, Cullman, Childersberg and Talladega."[4]

2007 Deployment to Iraq[edit]

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Only Company C of the 167th was officially mobilized for Iraq, but in order for the unit to reach the requisite men, soldiers had to be drawn from the 167th's Companies A, B, D, and HHC as well. Most of them volunteered. Many had served previously with Company A two years before, and sought the camaraderie that is unique to this unit. Company C is proudly representing Alabama National Guard armories in Valley, Heflin, Pelham, Cullman, Childersberg and Talladega. The unit's main mission provided critical security escorts from the Kuwaiti border crossing throughout Iraq to all Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). This even included missions to other country's FOBs, such as the South Korean FOB located near the Northern Turkish border. After this mission was complete, many of the soldiers volunteered to extend for several more months while the main body returned home.

"The largest of all 1144th Joint Logistics Task Force elements, the Alabama Company brought 196 members to OIF, of the 210 members that had been activated. Even with four platoons, and three teams (or "chalks") per platoon, there have been times when virtually all company members have been on missions to and from Iraq at the same time."[5]

2012 Deployment to Afghanistan[edit]

"In all, the 1-167th Infantry Battalion (Task Force Centurion) will deploy approximately 600 Alabama National Guard Soldiers to conduct security force missions in support of the NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan (NTM-A) throughout the Afghanistan theater of operations to provide freedom of maneuver for NTM-A and regional support command assets."[6]

The 4th Alabama Tab[edit]

The tab was created to honor the 1-167th's Civil War history as the 4th Alabama Regiment. The 1-167th Infantry has been under many different higher commands, including the 31st Infantry Division, the 35th Infantry Division, the 149th Armor Brigade, the 226th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, the 48th Brigade Combat Team, and the 142nd Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. The 1-167th Infantry is the 3rd maneuver battalion assigned to the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.[7]

The 4th Alabama tab over the 142nd Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, Alabama National Guard[8] Worn over the 226th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade patch

As worn over 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team patch. 1-167th was attached to the then-48th Heavy Brigade Combat Team during their 2005 deployment to Iraq. Patch as worn over 149th Armor Brigade (now disbanded)

Current Structure[edit]

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 167th Infantry at Talladega, Alabama

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