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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

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Works published[edit]

Anne Finch's Miscellany Poems on Several Occasions
  • Henry Carey, Poems on Several Occasions, including "Sally in our Alley", and "Namby-Pamby", written to ridicule Ambrose Philips[1]
  • Abel Evans, Vertumnus[1]
  • Anne Finch, countess of Winchelsea, "Written by a Lady", Miscellany Poems on Several Occasions[1]
  • John Gay:
    • Rural Sports[1]
    • The Fan (published this year, although the book states "1714")[1]
  • Alexander Pope:
    • Ode For Musick[1]
    • "Ode on St. Cecilia's Day[2]
    • Windsor-Forest[1]
  • Richard Steere, The Daniel Catcher, including "Earth Felicities", a poem in blank verse, an unusual form for the time, and "Caelestial Embassy", a nativity poem that criticized the Puritan rejection of Christmas, English Colonial America[3]
  • Jonathan Swift, published anonymously, Part of the Seventh Epistle of the First Book of Horace Imitated[1]
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Poems on Several Occasions. "By the R. H. the E. of R.", London, posthumous[4]
  • Edward Young:
    • An Epistle to the Right Honourable the Lord Lansdown[1]
    • A Poem on the Last Day[1]


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