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Works published[edit]

Colonial America[edit]

  • Ebenezer Cooke, attributed, The Maryland Muse, a collection, including "The History of Colonel Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion"[3]
  • Richard Lewis, Food for Criticks, criticizing fellow American colonists for not respecting and revering the land as the Indians did[3]
  • John Seccomb, "Father Abbey's Will", popular, humorous verse, written when the author was a student at Harvard, about one of the college's custodians and bed-makers; it prompts a sequel, "A Letter of Courtship", addressed to Father Abbey's widow from a custodian at Yale, an example of the rivalry between the two early schools[3]

United Kingdom[edit]

  • Nicholas Amhurst, writing under the pen name "Caleb D'Anvers", A Collection of Poems on Several Occasions[1]
  • Samuel Boyse, Translations and Poems Written on Several Subjects[1]
  • Robert Dodsley:
    • An Epistle from a Footman in London to the Celebrated Stephen Duck, published anonymously[1]
    • A Sketch of the Miseries of Poverty, anonymous[1]
  • Aaron Hill, Advice to the Poets[1]
  • Alexander Pope, An Epistle to the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Burlington, also known later as The Epistle "Of Taste" (see also Bramston, The Man of Taste 1733[1]
  • John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, Poems on Several Occasions. By the R. H. the E. of R., London, posthumous[4]


Memorial to Daniel Defoe, who dies this year, Bunhill Fields, London

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