17 Avenue SE (Calgary)

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17 Avenue SE
International Avenue, Calgary-aerial.JPG
Aerial view of 17 Avenue SE looking east
Part of Former Hwy 1A
Length 15.5 km[1] (9.6 mi)

17 Avenue SE
International Avenue
Length 11.2 km (7.0 mi)[1]
Location Calgary, Alberta
West end 9 Avenue SE
East end 116 Street SE
(Calgary-Chestermere city limits)

Chestermere Boulevard
Length 3.8 km (2.4 mi)[1]
Location Chestermere, Alberta
West end 116 Street SE
(Calgary-Chestermere city limits)
East end Hwy 1 (TCH)

17 Avenue SE is a major arterial road in east Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 17 Avenue SE focal point of the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) and is the main roadway through the former town of Forest Lawn. Chestermere Boulevard is a major arterial road and the eastern extension of 17 Avenue SE through Chestermere, Alberta, Canada.[2] The roadway is a former alignment of Highway 1A.

Aerial view of Chestermere Lake with the Chestermere Boulevard crossing and interchange with the Trans-Canada Highway.

Route description[edit]

The west end of 17 Avenue SE begins with a small segment at a 5-way intersection with 9 Avenue SE and 15 Street SE (due to traffic calming, access to northbound 15 Street SE is closed), crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway, and ending at 17A Street SE. It begins again just to the south at the Blackfoot Trail / 19  Street SE intersection and crosses the Bow River via the Cushing Bridge before intersecting Deerfoot Trail (Highway 2). Prior to the construction of Blackfoot Trail, 17 Avenue SE was a continuous roadway and the section between 19 Street SE and Deerfoot Trail is now generally referred to as part of Blackfoot Trail. 19 Street SE serves as the main access between 9 Avenue SE and Blackfoot Trail / 17 Avenue SE.

East of Deerfoot Trail, 17 Avenue SE leaves the Bow River valley and intersects Barlow Trail, though it is only accessible for westbound traffic. It passes through the communities of Albert Park/Radisson Heights, Southview, and Forest Lawn, and continues east past Elliston Park before intersecting Stoney Trail. It transitions into rural farmland and at 116 Street SE (also known as Range Road 284 or Conrich Road), crosses enters into the city of Chestermere, where it becomes Chestermere Boulevard. It ends at the Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) interchange, where it continues east as Range Road 243.


17 Avenue SE is the original alignment of Highway 1 through eastern Calgary. In 1949, Highway 1 was rerouted to follow 16 Avenue  N, bypassing downtown Calgary and Forest Lawn, and 17 Avenue SE designated as Highway 1A. The section of Highway 1A west of Deerfoot Trail was dropped in the 1970s, resulting in Highway 1A being a short alternate route into Calgary and its southeast industrial parks. In 1993, the International Avenue BRZ was established resulting in 17 Avenue SE being nicknamed as International Avenue.[3] In 2007, the City of Calgary annexed land from Rocky View County up to Range Road 284 (now 116 Street SE);[4] while in 2009, Chestermere annexed land up to the Calgary city limit,[5] resulting in Highway 1A no longer traveling through a rural municipality and signalling a possible end to the Highway 1A designation. In 2013, the province of Alberta decommissioned Highway 1A,[6] and as of 2016 remnant Highway 1A signage still remains on Deerfoot Trail and sections of 17 Avenue SE within Calgary; however, it has been removed along Stoney Trail, through Chestermere, and along the Trans-Canada Highway.


The City of Calgary considers 17 Avenue SE between 26 Street SE and 60 Street SE as a Main Street, slated to be a mixed-use residential and commercial corridor.[7] The City of Calgary is planning to construct a transitway along the centre of 17 Avenue SE; Phase 1 would involve construction between 28 Street SE and Hubalta Road[8] and Phase 2 crossing Deerfoot Trail and connecting with 9 Avenue SE.[9] Phase 1 construction is slated start in 2017 while Phase 2 is in the design stage. Long-term plans call for the mixed-use corridor and transitway to extend east into Chestermere.[10][11]

Major intersections[edit]

From west to east.[2]

Calgary0.00.09 Avenue SE / 15 Street SE
0.50.31Blackfoot Trail / 17A Street SE / 19 Street SEBlackfoot Trail concurrency begins
Through traffic follows Blackfoot Trail
0.90.56Cushing Bridge across the Bow River
1.50.93 Deerfoot Trail (Hwy 2)Partial cloverleaf interchange (Hwy 2 Exit 254)
Blackfoot Trail concurrency ends
2.11.3Barlow Trail / 26 Street SENo eastbound exit to Barlow Trail
2.21.428 Street SE
2.71.7Radisson Drive / 33 Street SE
3.11.936 Street SE
3.92.444 Street SE
4.52.850 Street SE
4.72.952 Street SE
5.23.2Hubalta Road
5.53.460 Street SE
6.44.068 Street SE
6.64.170 Street SE
7.34.5 Stoney Trail (Hwy 201)Partial cloverleaf interchange (Hwy 201 Exit 81)
7.94.984 Street SE south
8.25.184 Street SE north
9.55.9100 Street SE
CalgaryChestermere city line11.27.0116 Street SE / Range Road 284
East end of 17 Avenue SE • West end Chestermere Boulevard
Chestermere12.88.0Rainbow Road
13.88.6Invermere Drive
14.28.8Marina Drive
14.79.1Windermere Drive / West Chestermere Drive
15.09.3Crosses Chestermere Lake
15.39.5Cove Drive / East Chestermere Drive
15.59.6 Hwy 1 (TCH) – Calgary (16 Avenue N), Medicine HatPartial cloverleaf interchange
Continues as Range Road 243
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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