17 Reasons

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17 Reasons
Studio album by
Recorded1996 at Art of Ears, Hayward, California & Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California.
Genrepunk rock, ska punk, hardcore punk
LabelAsian Man Records
ProducerLink 80, Andy Ernst
Link 80 chronology
17 Reasons
Killing Katie
Professional ratings
Review scores
Punknews.org5/5 stars[1]

17 Reasons is the first full album by the ska punk band Link 80. It was recorded in 1996 and released on CD and 12" vinyl by Asian Man Records in 1997. The record was the first original release for Asian Man Records (the previous four releases had initially been released on Dill Records).

It was recorded during two sessions: one at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA with Steve Fontano and one at Art of Ears with Andy Ernst.

The album title and a song title ("Turn It Around") come from two of the band's favorite local Bay Area punk rock compilations: Turn It Around! and 17 Reasons: The Mission District. The cover photo was taken March 17, 1996 at Ann Kong's Bleach Bottle Pig Farm in Berkeley, California, located at 2072 San Pablo Ave.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Verbal Kint"
  2. "Nothing Left"
  3. "Enough"
  4. "Pretty Girls"
  5. "Jeff Acree"
  6. "Screwed"
  7. "Termination"
  8. "Turn It Around"
  9. "What Can I Do?"
  10. "Up To The Top"
  11. "Dime Store Hoods"
  12. "Slap"
  13. "Dance Floor"
  14. "Looking Back"
  15. "Nowhere Fast"
  16. "Jenifer's Cafe"
  17. "Burning Down"
  18. "Who Killed Marilyn? (Hidden Track)" This track starts exactly 8 minutes after the end of Burning Down.

"Those Days" is included instead of "Jenifer's Cafe" on all 12" releases.

Sampled Material[edit]

  • "Burning Down" samples Pretty In Pink at the song's end.
  • The sample before "What Can I Do?" is New Kids on the Block.
  • The bridge during "Dime Store Hoods" is partially from an Earth Crisis song.
  • "Jeff Acree" is cover of "Teenage Fuckup" by Ratt Patrol (originally released on the Cometbus compilation, "Lest We Forget").

Music videos[edit]

The band shot their only official music video for "Verbal Kint" (a song is about Kevin Spacey's character in The Usual Suspects).

Directed by Scott Pourroy, the video was shot at two consecutive Link 80 shows; January 17, 1997 at 924 Gilman Street and January 18th, 1997 at the Arcata Community Center.

Filming at the Gilman Street Project resulted in the band being temporarily banned from performing at the establishment and they didn't play there again until June 6, 1997; it would be the last time they ever played at the Gilman Street Project with Nick Traina as lead vocalist.