1888 American Cup

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1888 American Cup
Country United States
Teams 15
Champions Fall River Rovers
Runners-up Newark Almas
Matches played 15
Goals scored 58 (3.87 per match)

The 1888 American Cup was the fourth edition of the soccer tournament organized by the American Football Association. Having expanded into the New England district the first new champions came from Fall River, Massachusetts after Clark ONT of Newark had won the previous three editions. The Rovers defeated the Newark Almas in the final.


Previously only the New York and New Jersey districts were represented. With the addition of the New England district, the tournament now included five new teams from three different states. The draw was held on September 17, 1887. In order to reduce travel the teams were drawn in two sections with the Rhode Island and Massachusetts teams in the first section and the remaining teams in the second section. The fifteen entrants were as follows:

  • New Jersey- Trenton, Paterson, Clark O.N.T., Alma, Tiffany Rovers, Kearny Rangers, and Newark Caledonian.
  • New York- Riverside, Thistle, and New York.
  • New England- Ansonia, Providence Athletics, Pawtucket Free Wanderers, Fall River Rovers, Fall River East Ends.

First round[edit]

Riversides drew a bye.

ONT w/o Trenton

Tiffany Rovers 0–4 Paterson
Wright Street grounds Newark, New Jersey
Referee: J.Howarth

Rovers: GK J.Clancy, DF T.Crann, W.Flanning, MF M.O'Hara, J.Selby, D.Dwyer, FW C.Gray, A.Hinckley, W.Hinckley, J.Morton, M.Down. Paterson: GK W.Doney, DF J.Smallwood, B.Henshall, MF J.Henshall, G.Henshall, FW T.Bisland, T.Evans, H.Curry, W.Warburton, W.Wyatt, J.Sutton

Kearny Rangers New York

Alma 5–1 Caledonian
8' Gray
23' Gray
50' Cornall
Wright Street grounds Newark, New Jersey
Referee: T.Smith

Alma: GK F.Farrow, DF G.Wright, F.McDonald, MF E.Morton, F.Britchford, R.Pattison, FW J.Lucas, F.Cornall, T.Bright, J.Gray, P.Brennan. Caledonian: GK H.Eddis, DF W.McCormick, John Hood, MF J.Lindsay, John Hearne, W.McNeil, FW J.McWilliams, J.Low, S.Hood, R.Barr, James Hearne.

Fall River Rovers 3–1 East Ends
County Street grounds Fall River, MA
Attendance: 1300

Rovers: Long, Lonsdale, Bradley, Thomas, Waring, Adams, Bed, Blakely, Wild, Duff, Buckley. East Ends: Bracknell, Whittle, Karzenski, Coupe, Shoarocks, Lord, Wild, Whittle, King, Darlington, Foley.

Providence 1–4 Pawtucket
19' Tomlinson J.Stewart
Eagle street grounds, Olneyville, RI
Referee: Thomas Bell

Providence: GK Crone, DF Jack North, Osborne, MF Jerome, Morgan, Tomlinson, FW Such, Start, Axon, Ambler, Heliborne. Pawtucket: GK Bosch, DF Smith, Reye, MF Conley, Pilling, Jack McGuire, FW Hardy, Harry Stewart, John Stewart, Sunderland, Lennox.

Thistles 0–1 Ansonia
Metropolitan Park

Second round[edit]

Clark ONT had experienced their first cup-tie loss at the hands of the Almas. ONT lodged a protest on two counts. The first goal obtained by the Almas was awarded by the referee when a shot at goal was struck by Holden with his arm. ONT alleged that the foul was not properly done. The second issue concerned a goal by ONT that was disallowed since it was from a free kick. ONT claimed that the ball was touched by Jack Swithemby before Howarth scored. At a meeting the following week, the AFA did not sustain the referee's decisions and called for a replay.

Alma 2–1 ONT
55' awarded
75' Lucas
Frelinghuysen avenue grounds
Attendance: 200
Referee: J.Grant

Alma: GK F.Farrow, DF F.McDonald, B.Fagan, MF E.Morton, F.Britchford, G.Wright, FW F.Cornall, J.Lucas, T.Bright, A.Mountford, J.Gray. ONT: GK P.Hughes, DF H.Holden, A.Pallister, MF J.Howarth, Joe Swithemby, P.Flynn, FW J.Swarbrick, J.Connolly, Jack Swithemby, J.McGurck, H.Fisher.

Fall River Rovers 3–0 Pawtucket Free Wanderers
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Spencer

Rovers: GK Lang, DF Lonsdale, Bradley, MF Waring, Buckley, Adams, FW Bell, Brookshaw, Wilde, Duff, Blakely. Pawtucket: GK Booth, DF Smith, J.Stewart, MF Pilling, Love, Conley, FW Harding, H.Stewart, Sandilands, McGuire, Lennox.

Kearny Rangers 6–1 Ansonia
10' Walter Taylor
20' W.Turner
60' Wherle
ONT grounds
Attendance: 150
Referee: J.Howarth

Rangers: GK J.Smith, DF E.Walker, W.Lines, MF R.McDonald, T.Spencer, W.Allsopp, FW Walter Taylor, G.Sargeant, J.Campbell, W.Turner, E.Stark. Ansonia: GK W.Winfield, DF C.Williams(c), J.Williams, MF E.Wood, J.Lewis, J.Davidson, FW C.Williams, G.Bell, C.Wood, A.Wherle, M.McHale.

Riverside Paterson


Alma 5–1 ONT
Wright street grounds


Fall River Rovers 6–1 Kearney Rangers
3' Blakeley
60' Duff
85' Bruckshaw
Bedford Street grounds Fall River
Attendance: 2000
Referee: Eli Morton(Almas)

Rovers: GK Mullen, DF Bradley, Lonsdale, MF Buckley, Waring, Adams, FW Bell, Bruckshaw, Blakeley, Wilde, Duff. Rangers: GK J.H.Smith, DF W.Lines, L.Walker, MF R.McDonald, H.Bennett, W.Allsop, FW W.Taylor, G.Sargent, T.Spencer, A.Campbell, E.Stark.

Almas 5–1 Paterson
Frelinghuysen Avenue grounds
Referee: H.Holden

Alma: GK H.Farron, DF E.Morton, F.McDonald, MF P.Fagin, F.Britchford, R.Patterson, FW P.Brennan, J.Lucas, T.Bright, H.Maxfield, J.Gray.


Fall River Rovers 5–1 Newark Almas
Bruckshaw GoalGoal
Blakely Goal
Wilde Goal
Duff Goal
(Report) Goal Gray
Attendance: 400
Referee: B. Craig

Rovers: GK: J.Mullin, DF R. Lonsdale, F. Bradley, MF: J. Buckley, H. Waring, H. Adams, FW: R. Bell, T. Bruckshaw, J. Blakeley, H. Wilde, C. Duff.

Alma: GK F.Farrow, DF F.McDonald, W.Fagin, MF E.Morton, R.Patterson, F.Britchford, FW P.Garron, F.Cornall, T.Bught, J.Gray, H.Maxfield.


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