1888 World Championship (football)

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1888 World Championship
Event Football World Championship
Date 19 May 1888
Venue Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Attendance 6,000
Weather Thunderstorm

The 1888 World Championship was an exhibition football match that took place in Glasgow, Scotland, on 19 May 1888 between the winners of the Scottish Cup, Renton, and the English FA Cup, West Bromwich Albion. The match was won by Renton who beat Albion 4–1.

This was not the first "World Championship" game between English and Scottish sides; however, the next edition was the first such club competition contested between national league winners (as the leagues had not been yet created before that time).

Participant teams[edit]

Team Qualification
England West Bromwich Albion 1887–88 FA Cup winners
Scotland Renton 1887–88 Scottish Cup winners

Match details[edit]

Renton Scotland 4–1 England West Bromwich Albion
Attendance: 6,000

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