South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences is a University of Applied Sciences in Finland. It was established in the beginning of 2017, when Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences merged. Xamk is the 5th largest university of applied sciences in Finland with 9400 students and 750 faculty members across four campuses. Xamk is jointly owned by the cities of Mikkeli, Kotka and Kouvola with Mikkeli holding a majority stake since August 2019. Xamk's education, given on four different campuses, is connected to the requirements of working life and companies; as of 2019, Xamk offered in total 62 Bachelor's degree programmes and 27 Master's programmes and the number of students graduating annually was about 1700. Xamk offers four Bachelor's level degree programmes and four Master's level degree programmes in English: Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business in Mikkeli Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Game Design in Kouvola Bachelor of Engineering, Environmental engineering in Mikkeli Bachelor of Engineering, Information technology in Mikkeli Master of Business Administration, International Business Management in Kouvola Master of Culture and Arts, Design in Kouvola Master of Engineering, Cybersecurity in Kotka Master of Health Care/Social Services, Health Promotion in Kotka and Kouvola Xamk is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland in terms of R&D activities carried out.

The research carried out is applied research in close co-operation with companies and most development efforts concentrate on regional development. Research and development activities at Xamk are divided into four focus areas: Digital economy Forest, the environment and energy Logistics, marine technology and transport Sustainable well-being The board of directors at Xamk has eight members in it; the current members are: Jyrki Koivikko, chairman Jussi Lehtinen, vice chairman Anja Eerola Kirsi Torikka Pirkko Rahikainen Juha Huhtala Jarmo Tuunanen Sauli Sarjus Official website

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