1892 in Italy

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Events from the year 1892 in Italy.

Kingdom of Italy[edit]



Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti during the first years of his political career.





  • September 5 – The Treaty of Nice, a military alliance betweeny Italy and France, is revealed.



  • November 6 – First round of the Italian general election.
  • November 13 – Second round of the Italian general election. The "ministerial" left-wing bloc emerged as the largest in Parliament, winning 323 of the 508 seats.
  • November 27 – Founding of L'Asino (The Donkey) in Rome, a magazine of political satire, by Guido Podrecca and Gabriele Galantara.


  • December 6 – Giolitti's Treasury Minister, Bernardino Grimaldi, and Agriculture Minister, Pietro Lacava, introduce a bill aimed at providing the existing banks the right to issue currency for another six years. The close friendship of Grimaldi with the governor of the Banca Romana, Bernardo Tanlongo, increased suspicion of wrongdoing in Banca Romana scandal.[2]
  • December 20 – The Socialist deputy Napoleone Colajanni reads out long extracts of a report on the Banca Romana in Parliament and Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti is forced to appoint an expert commission to investigate the Banca Romana scandal.[3]




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