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List of years in art (table)

The year 1892 in art involved some significant events.


  • May – The Brotherhood of The Linked Ring is founded by Henry Peach Robinson in England to promote photography as a fine art
  • November – "The Munch Affair": Adelsteen Normann, on behalf of the Union of Berlin Artists, invites Edvard Munch to stage a one-man exhibition. However, his paintings evoke bitter controversy and after one week the exhibition is closed; Munch's paintings are moved to the Equitable Palast[1]
  • James McNeill Whistler stages his major retrospective exhibition, Nocturnes, Marines and Chevalet pieces at Goupil & Cie's London gallery, then moves to Paris.
  • Claude Monet begins painting his Rouen Cathedral series
  • Munich Secession
  • Il Codice Magliabechiano, a 16th century collection of brief biographies and notes on the works of Italian artists by "Anonimo Gaddiano", is first published


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