18 Hronia Live

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18 Hronia Live
18 Χρόνια Live
Live album by Katy Garbi
ReleasedDecember 5, 2007
GenrePop, Modern Laika, Dance
LabelSony BMG Greece/Columbia
ProducerPossidonas Giannopoulos
Katy Garbi chronology
Pos Allazei O Kairos
18 Hronia Live
18 Χρόνια Live

Kainouria Ego
Singles from 18 Hronia Live

18 Hronia Live (Greek: 18 Χρόνια Live; English: 18 Years Live), also referred to as 18XL, is a live album by popular Greek singer Katy Garbi recorded and released in 2007 by Sony BMG Greece. The album is her first live album; a double disk compilation of songs performed during a special charity concert held in Egaleo, Greece.[1]

A Gold certification was awarded on March 11, 2008 at an elaborate party, whose attendance included many of Garbi's longtime collaborators and fellow singers.


The initial paperback album cover was originally detailed to incorporate a metallic gold title situated upon a full cover collage of images throughout Garbi's solo career. However, upon the album's release the decision was made to change the title font colour to scarlet, increasing the contrast between collage and title. The first release on December 5 also had the collage continue along the back cover, and an inner booklet containing song titles, various photos and a double paged message from Katy addressing her fans, thanking her collaborators and explaining her song choices.

December 31 brought the release of the reissue of 18 Hronia Live, after a second decision was passed by Sony BMG to include a track listing at the back of the album cover.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[edit]

No.TitleEnglish TranslationLength
1."Esena Mono" (Εσένα μόνο)Only you4:00
2."Taheia" (Ταχεία)Express train3:39
3."Mi Ta Filas Ta Matia Mou" (Μην τα φιλάς τα μάτια μου)Don't kiss my eyes2:24
4."Sou 'ho Etoimi Sygnomi" (Σου 'χω έτοιμη συγγνώμη)I have an apology ready for you0:57
5."Min Me Sygkrineis" (Μην με συγκρίνεις)Do not compare me1:46
6."Pira Ap' Ti Nioti Hromata" (Πήρα απ' τη νιότη χρώματα)I took colours from the youth1:14
7."Ksenychtisa Stin Porta Sou" (Ξενύχτησα στην πόρτα σου)I stayed up all night at your door1:57
8."Alitaki Mou" (Αλητάκι μου)My naughty one1:36
9."Tora Tetoia Tha Leme" (Τώρα τέτοια θα λέμε)Now we say these things2:32
10."Ta Deilina" (Τα δειλινά)The sunsets1:44
11."Hamena" (Χαμένα)Wasted2:19
12."Epitelous" (Επιτέλους)Finally1:00
13."Varethika Varethika" (Βαρέθηκα βαρέθηκα)I'm fed up I'm fed up1:50
14."Ola Ta Katalavaino" (Όλα τα καταλαβαίνω)I understand everything2:18
15."Apo Sena Tha Pao" (Απο Σενα Θα Παω)Of Thee I'm going1:12
16."Yordios Desmos" (Γόρδιος δεσμός)Gordian Knot2:14
17."Ma Ti Leo" (Μα τι λέω)What am I saying1:02
18."Ksipoliti Horevo (Kante Akri)" (Ξυπόλητη χορεύω (Κάντε άκρη))I dance barefoot (Move aside)0:51
19."Pes To M' Ena Fili" (Πες το μ' ένα φιλί)Say it with a kiss0:37
20."Agkyres (Iste Hendek Iste Deve)Elazığ dik halay" (Άγκυρες)Anchors1:09
21."Kai Na 'moun Dakry Sou" (Και να 'μουν δάκρυ σου)And if I were a tear of yours1:37
22."S' Agapo Akoma" (Σ' αγαπάω ακόμα)I still love you2:24
23."Agori Mou" (Αγόρι μου)My boy1:27
24."Kane Kati Na Haso To Treno" (Κάνε κάτι να χάσω το τρένο)Do something so I can miss the train1:49
25."To Lathos Mou" (Το λάθος μου)My mistake2:10
26."Apozimiosi" (Αποζημίωση)Compensation0:55
27."Tilefonitis" (Τηλεφωνητής)Answerphone3;31
28."I Proti Mas Fora" (Η πρώτη μας φορά)Our first time4:15

Disc 2[edit]

No.TitleEnglish TranslationLength
1."Anavallo" (Αναβάλλω)I postpone3:28
2."Naytis Vgike Stin Steria" (Ναύτης βγήκε στη στεριά)A sailor came onto shore1:54
3."Perasmena Ksehasmena" (Περασμένα ξεχασμένα)Let bygones be bygones1:32
4."Evaisthisies" (Ευαισθησίες)Sensibilities0:56
5."Anthropoi Eimaste" (Άνθρωποι είμαστε)We are people1:18
6."Aftoi Pou Menoun Ki Aftoi Pou Fevgoun" (Αυτοί που μένουν κι αυτοί που φεύγουν)Those who stay and those who leave1:22
7."Min Tou Milate Tou Paidiou" (Μην του μιλάτε του παιδιού)Don't speak to the child1:09
8."I Douleia Kanei Tous Antres" (Η δουλειά κάνει τους άντρες)Work is what makes men2:03
9."M' Afises San Poli" (Μ' άφησες σαν πόλη)You left me as a city2:15
10."O Gyalinos Kosmos" (Ο γυάλινος κόσμος)The glass world0:57
11."Ego Eimai Aitos" (Εγώ είμαι αητός)I am him2:06
12."Tha Melagholiso" (Θα μελαγχολήσω)I will become melancholic1:30
13."Doro Theou" (Δώρο Θεού)Gift of God0:51
14."Sto Parathyri Provale" (Στο παραθύρι πρόβαλε)Appear at the window1:35
15."Mia Melachrini" (Μια μελαχροινή)A brunette1:22
16."To Erinaki" (Το ερηνάκι) 1:01
17."O Argaleios" (Ο αργαλειός)The loom1:13
18."Kathe Iliovasilema" (Κάθε ηλιοβασίλεμα)Every sunset2:56
19."O Antras Tis Zois Mou" (Ο άντρας της ζωής μου)The man of my life0:55
20."Eho Sta Matia Ourano" (Έχω στα μάτια ουρανό)I have the sky in my eyes1:29
21."Se Sfalma Epeses Kardia Mou" (Σε σφάλμα έπεσες καρδιά μου)You fell into a fault, my heart3:14
22."Pire Fotia I Kalamaria" (Πήρε φωτιά η Καλαμαριά)Kalamaria caught fire2:46
23."Selimpeis" (Σελίμπεης) 1:15
24."Na 'san Ta Niata Dyo Fores" (Να 'σαν τα νειάτα δυο φορές)If youth could last twice1:18
25."Lianohortaroudia" (Λιανοχορταρούδια) 2:11
26."Dyo Nihtes" (Δυο νύχτες)Two nights1:58
27."Alloimono – Alloimono" (Αλλοίμονο – αλλοίμονο) 1:01
28."Mou Leipeis Esi" (Μου λείπεις εσύ)I Miss You1:42
29."Nomizeis" (Νομίζεις)You think1:25
30."Ego Na Deis" (Εγώ να δεις)You should see just how I1:49
31."Viastika" (Βιάστηκα)I was in a hurry1:29
32."Pos Allazei O Kairos" (Πως αλλάζει ο καιρός)How the Weather Changes2:22
33."Yia Pou To 'vales Kardia Mou" (Για που το 'βαλες καρδιά μου)Where are you off to, my heart2:31


The following singles were officially released to radio stations. Additional songs such as, "Esena Mono live ", "Taxeia live", and "Sou 'ho Etimi Sygnomilive", despite not having been released as singles, managed to gain radio airplay and internet release.

"Mi Ta Fila Ta Matia Sou"

The single was the first released to all radio stations as the primary single of the album. It is a live cover of Vicky Moscholiou's 1970's hit, and as Katy stated in her Mad Tv interview in 2008, she really admires Moscholiou as one of Greece's founding artists. It was announced as the leading single by the album's producer - Poseidonas Giannopoulos - at the beginning of his radio program on Greece's "Sfera FM" during which he aired the track's first official broadcast. A music video was not produced as the concert's location was not appropriately fit for video recording.

"18 Hronia Live Medley" Xypoliti Horevo/Pes'to M'Ena Fili/Agkires

A short medley of three simultaneous and corresponding live tracks was announced as the follow-up single. The three tracks were all previously released hit singles from Garbi's studio albums Atofio Hrysafi, Tou Feggariou Anapnoes and Doro Theou. The single's release was denounced and halted as a result of its corresponding music videos's cancellation, although the three tracks did gain airplay separately.
Music Video
It was announced on the artist's official website that renowned director and Garbi's long-time collaborator 'Giorgos Kavalas' would be creating the album's first music video. His concept, due to the unfortunate lack of video footage from the concert, was to create a dedication to Garbi's 18 years of live performances (reflecting the album's theme) through archive video material, however it was decided that this video would not go ahead as it Sony was already focusing on Garbi's next discographical move and also due to the album's limited success on the charts.

"Se Sfalma Epeses Kardia Mou"

Se Sfalma Epeses Kardia Mou was officially released as the next single of the Garbi's live album. It was announced and released on her myspace. This song is also a cover of a well-known Greek song.

"I Proti Mas Fora"

The strong ballad 'I Proti Mas Fora' was originally released by Giannis Kotsiras in 1999; Katy Garbi's live rendition is found as the last track on the first disk. The single gained a moderate amount of airplay in Athens. The audience can be heard singing along with Garbi in the final chorus, with a quite tense but solomn atmospheric vibe.

Chart performance[edit]

Chart Providers Peak
Weeks On Charts Certification
Greek Albums Chart IFPI[3] 18 4 -


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