18th Golden Melody Awards

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18th Golden Melody Awards
Date June 16, 2007 (2007-06-16) (Popular)
Location Taipei Arena, Taipei, Taiwan (Popular)
Hosted by Matilda Tao, Patty Hou (Popular)
Television/radio coverage
Network Azio TV

The 18th Golden Melody Awards (Chinese: 第18屆金曲獎) ceremony for popular music category was held on June 16, 2007. The Azio TV broadcast the show live from the Taipei Arena in Taipei, Taiwan. The ceremony recognized the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the eligibility year, which runs from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006.[1][2][3]

Nominees and winners[edit]

Jolin Tsai won three Golden Melody Awards for Best Mandarin Female Singer, Most Popular Female Artist/Group (popular vote), and Best Song of the Year at the 18th Golden Meody Awards.

Winners are highlighted in boldface.[4][5]

Vocal category – Record label awards[edit]

Song of the Year[edit]

Best Mandarin Album[edit]

Best Taiwanese Album[edit]

  • Jin Ei Ah Gey Ei!? – The Chairman

Best Hakka Album[edit]

  • Planting Trees – Lin Sheng-xiang
    • The Snow Wolfman – You Zhao-qi
    • Mountain and Farmland – Hsieh Yu-wei

Best Aboriginal Album[edit]

  • Beautiful Haiyan – Xiao-mei, Chen Yong-long, Ara Kimbo, Wu Hao-en, Suming, A-luo, Ka-silaw
    • Singing a Beautiful Song – Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe

Vocal category – Individual awards[edit]

Best Music Video Director[edit]

  • Stephen Fung – "Same World" (from Without You)
    • Jay Chou – "Popular Imitation" (from Still Fantasy)
    • Fish Wang – "The Man Who Makes Words" (from The Light of Darkness)
    • Chen Pei-fu – "Happiness" (from Happiness)
    • Tsao Jui-yuan – "Pure Love" (from My Endless Love)
    • Chou Ko-tai – "Commitment" - (from Commitment)

Best Composition[edit]

  • Wu Tsing-fong – "Little Love Song" (from Little Universe)
    • Lin Sheng-xiang – "Planting Trees" (from Plating Trees)
    • Deserts Chang – "Baby (In the Night) (from My Life Will...)
    • Li Tai-hsiang – "Mountain and Farmland" (from Mountain and Farmland)
    • David Tao – "Marry Me Today" (from Beautiful)
    • Kenji Wu – "A General Order" (from A General Order)

Best Lyrics[edit]

Best Music Arrangement[edit]

  • Chen Zhu-hui – "The Man Who Makes Words" (from The Light of Darkness)
    • Yao Hung – "Fearless" (from Fearless)
    • Wayne Wang – "Lost" (from Blue in Love)
    • Li Yu-huan – "Savage Night (Club Mix 2000)" (from New Wave)
    • Sodagreen – "Little Love Song" (from Little Universe)

Producer of the Year, Album[edit]

  • Chen Hui-ting, Hsu Che-liu, Lin Chien-yuan, Bean Lin, Peggy HsuIt's All My Fault
    • Lin Sheng-xiang, Zhong Yong-feng, Zhong Shi-fang – Plating Trees
    • Hao-en – Blue in Love
    • Lin Wei-che – Little Universe
    • Bang Bang Band – Tong Zhi

Producer of the Year, Single[edit]

  • Jay Chou – "Fearless" (from Fearless)
    • Chu Chien-hui, Hai Er – "The Descendants of Yandi and Huangdi Emperors" (from The Descendants of Yandi and Huangdi Emperors)
    • Adia – "Dancing Diva" (from Dancing Diva)

Best Mandarin Male Singer[edit]

Best Taiwanese Male Singer[edit]

Best Mandarin Female Singer[edit]

Best Taiwanese Female Singer[edit]

Best Hakka Singer[edit]

  • Lin Sheng-xiang
    • Hsieh Yu-wei
    • Song Chen
    • Tang Ming-liang

Best Aboriginal Singer[edit]

  • I Jyi
    • Yu Chia-chen
    • Lin Chao-ming

Best Band[edit]

  • Sodagreen
    • Hai Er
    • 13
    • Self Kill
    • Tizzy Bac
    • Totem
    • Monkey Insane

Best Group[edit]

Best New Artist[edit]

Instrumental category – Record label awards[edit]

Best Instrumental Album[edit]

  • Send You a Blue Gift for Winter – Tao Wang, Sino Chen
    • Night Flower – Lin Shao-ying
    • I-Yen-Mei-Leg Village No.3 – Purdur
    • Ocarina Dreamer – You Xue-zhi

Instrumental category – Individual awards[edit]

Producer of the Year, Instrumental[edit]

  • Purdur – I-Yen-Mei-Leg Village No.3
    • Eric Chung, Lo Bei-tuo – Sun, Latino
    • Tao Wang, Sino Chen – Send You a Blue Gift for Winter
    • Gerald Shih, Cosine Tseng – Cynthia's Magical Fingers

Lifetime Contribution Award[edit]

  • Chang Hung-yi

Special awards[edit]

Most Popular Male Artist/Group (Popular vote)[edit]

Most Popular Female Artist/Group (Popular vote)[edit]


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