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List of years in film (table)

The year 1900 in film involved some significant events.


  • Reulos, Goudeau & Co. invent Mirographe, a 21 mm amateur format.
  • The Lumière Brothers premiere their new Lumiere Wide format for the 1900 World Fair. At 75 mm wide, it has held the record for over 100 years as the widest format yet developed.
  • Raoul Grimoin-Sanson also creates a sensation at the 1900 World Fair with his multi-projector Cinéorama spectacle, which uses ten 70 mm projectors to create a simulated 360-degree balloon ride over Paris. The exhibit is closed before it formally opens, however, due to legitimate health and safety concerns regarding the heat of the combined projectors ons, and releases the format as La Petite.
  • Gaumont-Demeny release their own 15 mm amateur format, Pocket Chrono.
  • Release of the first film version of Hamlet, an adaptation of the duel scene, with French actress Sarah Bernhardt playing the title rôle (sic.) and accompanying recorded sound.
  • Making of the first film to feature the detective character Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes Baffled, by the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.
  • Jeanne d'Arc becomes the first film of considerable length (10 mins) to be shown entirely in colour.

Notable films released in 1900[edit]

The Enchanted Drawing.
Joan burning at the stake at the climax of Joan of Arc.
Sherlock Holmes Baffled.


Month Day Name Profession Year of death
January 2 William Haines Actor 1973
February 16 Vincent Coleman 1971
Albert Hackett Screenwriter 1995
17 Ruth Clifford Actress 1998
21 Jeanne Aubert 1988
22 Luis Buñuel Screenwriter, director 1983
26 Jean Negulesco Director 1993
March 3 Edna Best Actress 1974
April 5 Spencer Tracy Actor 1967
10 Aage Winther-Jørgensen
July 10 Evelyn Laye Actress 1996
27 Charles Vidor Director 1959
August 8 Robert Siodmak 1976
October 9 Alastair Sim Actor
10 Helen Hayes Actress 1993
15 Fritz Feld Actor
Mervyn LeRoy Director 1987
17 Jean Arthur Actress 1991
November 5 Natalie Schafer
December 6 Agnes Moorehead 1974
17 Katina Paxinou 1973



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