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List of years in music (table)

This is a nearly comprehensive list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1900.

Specific locations[edit]


Published popular music[edit]


Recorded popular music[edit]

Classical music[edit]



Musical theater[edit]

  • The Cadet Girl: Broadway production opened at the Herald Square Theatre on July 25 and ran for 48 performances
  • The Casino Girl: London production opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre on April 25
  • Chris And The Wonderful Lamp: Broadway production opened at the Victoria Theater on January 1 and ran for 58 performances
  • Fiddle-Dee-Dee: Broadway production opened at Weber and Fields' Broadway Music Hall on September 6 and ran for 262 performances
  • Florodora: Broadway production opened at the Casino Theatre on November 10 and ran for 505 performances, while its run at London's Lyric Theatre (opened November 1899) continued throughout the year (closing in March 1901 after 455 performances)
  • Giddy Throng: Broadway revue opened at the New York Theatre on December 24 and ran for 164 performances
  • The Messenger Boy: London production opened at the Gaiety Theatre on February 3 and ran for 429 performances
  • Miss Prinnt: Broadway production opened at the Victoria Theater on December 25 and ran for 211 performances
  • The Rogers Brothers In Central Park: Broadway production opened at the Victoria Theater on September 17 and transferred to the Grand Opera House on April 1, 1901, for a total run of 80 performances
  • San Toy: Broadway production opened at Daly's Theatre on October 1 and ran for 65 performances
  • Véronique (operetta): Vienna production opened at the Theater an der Wien on March 10




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