1911 Allan Cup

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The 1911 Allan Cup was the Canadian national senior ice hockey championship for the 1910-11 season. The defending champion Toronto St. Michael's Majors were stripped of the title by default to the Winnipeg Victorias. The Victorias then defeated the Kenora Thistles in a challenge to hold the title. It was the third season of play for the Allan Cup.


The Toronto St. Michael's Majors, the 1910 Allan Cup champions, were ordered to play the Winnipeg Hockey League champion Winnipeg Victorias. The Majors refused and were stripped of the Allan Cup. The trustees of the Allan Cup then awarded the Winnipeg Victorias as the carriers of the Allan Cup for the next challenge.


Winnipeg Victorias received a challenge from the Kenora Thistles of the Manitoba Hockey League. Played in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Winnipeg Victorias 12 - Kenora Thistles 5
Kenora Thistles 5 - Winnipeg Victorias 4

Winnipeg carries the Allan Cup, winning the series 16-goals-to-10. With no more challengers accepted in time to play, the Victorias win the 1911 Allan Cup.

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