1918–19 National Challenge Cup

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The 1918–19 National Challenge Cup was the sixth National Challenge cup held by the United States Football Association. Bethlehem Steel won their fourth title in a 2-0 victory over Paterson F.C..


Home teams listed on top of bracket

Second Round
Nov 10-Dec 25
Third Round
Dec 21-Jan 12
Feb 21-Mar 9
March 29,30
April 19
PA Bethlehem Steel 4
PA Merchant Ship "A" 3
PA Bethlehem Steel w/o
PA Homestead F.C.
PA Homestead F.C. w/o
PA Pittsburgh F.C.
PA Bethlehem Steel 5
OH Goodyear Rubber F.C. 0
OH Goodyear Rubber F.C. 8
OH Goodrich F.C. 1
OH Goodyear Rubber F.C. 6
OH Magyar-American F.C. 1
OH Magyar-American F.C. 1-3
OH Hydraulic Pressed 1-2
PA Bethlehem Steel 5
IL Bricklayers and Masons 0
IL Bricklayers and Masons 1
IL Lincoln Park F.C. 0
IL Bricklayers and Masons 2
IL Scottish Americans F.C. 0
IL Scottish Americans F.C. 5
IL Harvey F.C. 2
IL Bricklayers and Masons 5
MI Roses F.C. 2
MI Detroit F.C. w/o
MI Corinthian F.C.
MI Detroit F.C. 3
MI Roses F.C. 4
MI Roses F.C. 4
MI Solway F.C. 0
PA Bethlehem Steel 2
NJ Paterson F.C. 0
NJ Jersey A.C. 2
NJ Paterson F.C. 9
NJ Paterson F.C. 2-3*
NY Robins Dry Dock 1-1
NY Robins Dry Dock 2
CT Bridgeport City F.C. 1
NJ Paterson F.C. 0-2*
MA Fore River 0-1
MA Merrimac Valley F.C. 0
MA Fore River 6
MA Fore River 4
RI J&P Coats 1
RI J&P Coats 6
RI Olneyville F.C. 0
NJ Paterson F.C. 4
NY Morse Dry Dock 1
NY Morse Dry Dock w/o
NY New York Chinese
NY Morse Dry Dock 0-5
NJ Kearny Federal Ship 0-3
NJ Kearny Federal Ship 2-3
PA Merchant Ship "B" 1-2
NY Morse Dry Dock 2
NY New York F.C. 0
NJ Scottish-American 6
NJ Tietjen & Lang 0
NJ Scottish-Americans 0
NY New York F.C. 2
NY New York F.C. w/o
CT Viking F.C.

(*) replay after tied match
w/o walkover/forfeit victory awarded


Bethlehem Steel (PA) 2–0 Paterson F.C. (NJ)
George McKelvey 60'
Harry Ratican 88’
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: George Lambie (USA)

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