1919 Eternal

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1919 Eternal
1919 Eternal.jpg
Studio album by Black Label Society
Released March 5, 2002
Recorded 2001–2002
Genre Heavy metal
Length 60:08
Label Spitfire
Producer Zakk Wylde
Black Label Society chronology
Alcohol Fueled Brewtality
1919 Eternal
The Blessed Hellride
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]

1919 Eternal (also stylized as 1919Eternal) is the third studio album by the heavy metal band Black Label Society. It was released on March 5, 2002 and was written for Zakk Wylde's father.


Five songs from the album sessions were written by Zakk Wylde for Ozzy Osbourne's album Down to Earth. Ozzy rejected the songs because they were "too Black Label", so Zakk kept them for this album.[citation needed] The songs were "Bleed for Me", "Life, Birth, Blood, Doom", "Demise of Sanity", an alternate piano version of "Bridge to Cross", and a demo presumably called "I'll Find the Way". The latter two were never released. These original demo songs featured drummer Christian Werr, a friend of Zakk's who happened to be in the right place at the right time to record the tracks. Later, when Zakk went to re-record these demos for 1919 Eternal, Christian's drum tracks were used for "Bleed for Me", "Life, Birth, Blood, Doom", and "Demise of Sanity", which is why Craig Nunenmacher does not appear on these songs.


The album artwork is based on German Nazi propaganda poster used to recruit Dutchmen into the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Zakk Wylde, except "America the Beautiful" by Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel A. Ward.

  1. "Bleed for Me" – 5:31
  2. "Lords of Destruction" – 5:11
  3. "Demise of Sanity" – 3:23
  4. "Life, Birth, Blood, Doom" – 4:21
  5. "Bridge to Cross" – 5:49
  6. "Battering Ram" – 2:22
  7. "Speedball" – 0:58
  8. "Graveyard Disciples" – 3:20
  9. "Genocide Junkies" – 5:53
  10. "Lost Heaven" – 4:24
  11. "Refuse to Bow Down" – 4:53
  12. "Mass Murder Machine" – 5:47
  13. "Berserkers" – 5:06
  14. "America the Beautiful" (instrumental) – 3:17
  15. "Llabdeeps" (Japanese Bonus Track) – 1:00*

Note: The 15th track is an unlabeled bonus track on the Japanese edition of the album, "Speedball" reversed.


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Christian Werr – drums (tracks 1, 3, 4)
  • Produced by Zakk Wylde
  • Associate producer – Eddie Mapp
  • Engineered by Eddie Mapp and Sam Storey, assisted by Lou Michaels and Kent Hitchcock
  • Editing by Kent Huffnagle
  • Mastered by Ron Boustead
  • Management – Bob Ringe (Survival Management)
  • A&R – Paul Bibeau, Tami Fukatami
  • Art concept – Zakk Wylde
  • Art direction and design – Zakk Wylde and Peter Tsakiris (Drunken Monkey Studios)
  • Illustrations – Adam Guyot (Eternal Art Tattoo, Canyon County, CA)
  • Photography – Maryanne Bilham


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