1930 Australian Grand Prix

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The 1930 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at the Phillip Island circuit in Victoria, Australia on 24 March 1930.[1] The race, which was organised by the Light Car Club of Victoria, was the third Australian Grand Prix and the third held at Phillip Island.[1] It was staged as a scratch race with the Class A cars starting first, followed by the Class B entries three minutes later and the Class C cars a further three minutes after that.[2] The Grand Prix title was awarded to the entry recording the fastest time for the race.[1] Of the 22 cars which started the race, nine completed the race distance within the 4½ hour time limit.[3]

The race was won by Bill Thompson driving a Bugatti Type 37A.[1]


Cars competed in classes according to cylinder capacity.[1]

  • Class A: Cars up to 850cc
  • Class B: Cars over 850cc and up to 1100cc
  • Class C: Cars over 1100cc and up to 1500cc
  • Class D: Cars over 1500cc and up to 2000cc

Only one entry, the 1517cc Lea-Francis Hyper of Mick Carlton, was received for Class D.[1] At the discretion of the organisers it was placed in Class C.[1]


Bill Thompson won the race driving a Bugatti Type 37A
Pos [3] No. [1] Class [3] [1] Driver [3] [1] Car [3] [1] Laps [3] [1] Time
1 C10 C Bill Thompson Bugatti Type 37A s/c 31 3h 06m 00s [4]
2 C6 C Harold Drake-Richmond Bugatti Type 37 31 3h 25m 00s [4]
3 A1 A Cyril Dickason Austin 7 31 3h 30m 30s [4] [5]
4 A3 A Harry Burkill Austin 7 31 3h 44m 30s [4]
5 A10 A Ken McKinney Austin 7 31 3h 46m 00s [3]
6 A1 C John Goodall Aston Martin-Anzani 31 3h 47m 30s [4]
7 B1 B Barney Dentry Riley Nine Brooklands 31 3h 51m 30s [4]
8 B7 B Jack Edwards Sénéchal 31 4h 06m 30s [4]
9 A8 A Wally Whelan Morris Minor 31 4h 06m 30s [4]
DNF C3 C Ron Gardner Alvis 12/50 19 Magnetto [1]
DNF A2 A Clarrie May Austin 7 17 Rollover [1]
DNF C2 C Albert Edwards Alvis FWD s/c 16 Accident [1]
DNF C5 C Arthur Terdich Bugatti Type 37A s/c 10 Con rod [4]
DNF A5 A Les Jennings Morris Minor 7 Engine bearings [4]
DNF C4 C Mick Carlton Lea-Francis Hyper ? Gearbox [4]
DNF A6 A Jack McCutcheon Morris Minor ? Engine bearings [4]
DNF A7 A Bernie Sutton Morris Minor ? Engine bearings [4]
DNF B4 B Bill Johnson Riley Nine Brooklands ? Bearings [1]
DNF B5 B Frank Matthews Standard s/c ? Ignition [4]
DNF C7 C Reg Brearley Bugatti Type 37 ? Engine [4]
DNF B6 B Bill Lowe Lombard AL3 s/c 0 Overheating [1]
DNF B8 B Frank Corrigan Amilcar 0 Accident [1]


  • Attendance: Over 7,000 [4]
  • Starters: 22 [3]
  • Classified finishers: 9 [3]
  • Winner's average speed: 65.5 mph [1]
  • Sealed Handicap winner: Cyril Dickason (Austin 7) [3]
  • Fastest lap: Bill Thompson – approx. 75 mph (new lap record) [3]
  • Race time limit: 4½ hours [3]


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