1983 NBA draft

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1983 NBA draft
General information
Date(s)June 28, 1983
LocationFelt Forum, New York City, New York
Network(s)USA Network and ESPN
226 total selections in 10 rounds
First selectionRalph Sampson, Houston Rockets
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The 1983 NBA draft took place on June 28, 1983, in New York City. A total of 226 players were selected over 10 rounds by the league's 23 teams. At least four players from the 1983 draft later served or now serve as coaches. One served at a major-college program—Craig Robinson (who never played in the NBA) at Oregon State—and two in the NBA—Doc Rivers for the Los Angeles Clippers and Randy Wittman for the Washington Wizards. Another player, Byron Scott, coached for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2014 to 2016. While Scott won the Coach of the Year award in 2008, Rivers won an NBA Championship with the Celtics in that same year (it could be also noted that Rivers won that award prior to Scott, in 2000, while he was still coaching the Orlando Magic). Robinson, who led the Beavers to the 2009 College Basketball Invitational title, has an additional claim to fame as the older brother of former First Lady Michelle Obama. Sidney Lowe coached at North Carolina State from 2006 to 2011.

Manute Bol was selected in the 5th round by the Clippers, but the NBA rejected the pick on technicalities. Manute had never filed draft paperwork, and his passport listed him at 19 (at the time, 19 years was too young to be drafted).[1]

Florida State star Mitchell Wiggins, father of future No. 1 overall draft pick and Canadian Andrew Wiggins, was drafted 23rd by the Indiana Pacers. Leo Rautins, current colour man for Toronto Raptors broadcasts, made history as the first Canadian drafted in the first round of an NBA draft. Rautins, one of the greatest players to ever come out of Syracuse University, had his career cut short by injury, he would later go on to coach Canada's senior men's national basketball team.

Despite there being only 23 teams at the time of the draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers were awarded the 24th pick out of courtesy. Then-owner Ted Stepien was infamous for repeatedly trading first-round picks in the late 1970s and early 1980s, which, considering Cleveland's morose records in that time period, eventually culminated in the NBA creating a rule banning teams from dealing all of their first-round picks in consecutive years.


A man, wearing white shirt with a logo and the word "NBA PLAYERS" on the front, is standing and posing for a photo.
Ralph Sampson was selected first overall by the Houston Rockets.
A man, wearing white shirt with a logo and the word "NBA PLAYERS" on the front, is standing and posing for a photo.
Byron Scott was selected fourth overall by the San Diego Clippers.
A man, wearing white shirt with a logo and the word "NBA PLAYERS" on the front, is standing and posing for a photo.
Clyde Drexler was selected fourteenth overall by the Portland Trail Blazers.
A man, wearing white shirt with a logo and the word "NBA PLAYERS" on the front, is standing and posing for a photo.
Doc Rivers was selected thirty-first overall by the Atlanta Hawks.
PG Point guard SG Shooting guard SF Small forward PF Power forward C Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
* Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game and All-NBA Team
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never appeared in an NBA regular season or playoff game
Round Pick Player Pos. Nationality Team School/club team
1 1 Ralph Sampson^ C  United States Houston Rockets Virginia (Sr.)
1 2 Steve Stipanovich C  United States Indiana Pacers Missouri (Sr.)
1 3 Rodney McCray SF  United States Houston Rockets (from Cleveland via Philadelphia) Louisville (Sr.)
1 4 Byron Scott SG  United States San Diego Clippers Arizona State (Jr.)
1 5 Sidney Green PF  United States Chicago Bulls UNLV (Sr.)
1 6 Russell Cross C  United States Golden State Warriors Purdue (Jr.)
1 7 Thurl Bailey PF  United States Utah Jazz NC State (Sr.)
1 8 Antoine Carr PF  United States Detroit Pistons Wichita State (Sr.)
1 9 Dale Ellis* SG  United States Dallas Mavericks Tennessee (Sr.)
1 10 Jeff Malone+ SG  United States Washington Bullets Mississippi State (Sr.)
1 11 Derek Harper PG/SG  United States Dallas Mavericks (from Atlanta via Cleveland) Illinois (Jr.)
1 12 Darrell Walker SG  United States New York Knicks Arkansas (Sr.)
1 13 Ennis Whatley PG  United States Kansas City Kings Alabama (So.)
1 14 Clyde Drexler^ SG  United States Portland Trail Blazers Houston (Jr.)
1 15 Howard Carter SG  United States Denver Nuggets LSU (Sr.)
1 16 Jon Sundvold PG  United States Seattle SuperSonics Missouri (Sr.)
1 17 Leo Rautins SF  Canada Philadelphia 76ers (from New Jersey) Syracuse (Sr.)
1 18 Randy Breuer C  United States Milwaukee Bucks Minnesota (Sr.)
1 19 John Paxson PG  United States San Antonio Spurs Notre Dame (Sr.)
1 20 Roy Hinson C  United States Cleveland Cavaliers (from Phoenix) Rutgers (Sr.)
1 21 Greg Kite C  United States Boston Celtics BYU (Sr.)
1 22 Randy Wittman SG  United States Washington Bullets (from Los Angeles) Indiana (Sr.)
1 23 Mitchell Wiggins SG  United States Indiana Pacers (from Philadelphia) Florida State (Sr.)
1 24 Stewart Granger PG  Canada Cleveland Cavaliers * Villanova (Sr.)
2 25 Sidney Lowe PG  United States Chicago Bulls NC State (Sr.)
2 26 Leroy Combs SF  United States Indiana Pacers Oklahoma State (Sr.)
2 27 John Garris PF  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Boston College (Sr.)
2 28 Rod Foster PG  United States Phoenix Suns UCLA (Sr.)
2 29 Larry Micheaux PF  United States Chicago Bulls Houston (Sr.)
2 30 Mark West C  United States Dallas Mavericks Old Dominion (Sr.)
2 31 Doc Rivers+ PG  United States Atlanta Hawks Marquette (Jr.)
2 32 Michael Britt# SF  United States Washington Bullets UDC (Sr.)
2 33 Dirk Minniefield PG  United States Dallas Mavericks Kentucky (Sr.)
2 34 Guy Williams F  United States Washington Bullets Washington State (Sr.)
2 35 Darrell Lockhart C  United States San Antonio Spurs Auburn (Sr.)
2 36 Scooter McCray PF  United States Seattle SuperSonics Louisville (Sr.)
2 37 David Russell# SF  United States Denver Nuggets St. John's (Sr.)
2 38 Chris McNealy PF  United States Kansas City Kings San Jose State (Sr.)
2 39 Granville Waiters C  United States Portland Trail Blazers Ohio State (Sr.)
2 40 Jim Thomas SG  United States Indiana Pacers Indiana (Sr.)
2 41 Ted Kitchel# SF  United States Milwaukee Bucks Indiana (Sr.)
2 42 Mike Davis# SG  United States Milwaukee Bucks Alabama (Sr.)
2 43 Pace Mannion SF  United States Golden State Warriors Utah (Sr.)
2 44 Horace Owens# SG  United States New Jersey Nets Rhode Island (Sr.)
2 45 Paul Williams# SF  United States Phoenix Suns Arizona State (Sr.)
2 46 Kevin Williams PG  United States San Antonio Spurs St. John's (Sr.)
2 47 Kenneth Lyons# PF  United States Philadelphia 76ers North Texas State (Sr.)

*Compensation for draft choices previously traded away by Ted Stepien.

Notable post-second round picks[edit]

These picks have played at least one game in the NBA but were not selected in the first or second rounds.[2][3]

Round Pick Player Pos. Nationality Team School/club team
3 48 Craig Ehlo SG  United States Houston Rockets Washington State (Sr.)
3 50 Paul Thompson SF  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Tulane (Sr.)
3 53 Mike Holton SG  United States Golden State Warriors UCLA (Sr.)
3 54 Bob Hansen SG  United States Utah Jazz Iowa (Sr.)
3 57 Darren Daye SF  United States Washington Bullets UCLA (Sr.)
3 58 John Pinone SF  United States Atlanta Hawks Villanova (Sr.)
3 59 Bruce Kuczenski PF  United States New Jersey Nets Connecticut (Sr.)
3 62 Tom Piotrowski C  United States Portland Trail Blazers La Salle (Sr.)
4 75 Ron Crevier C  Canada Chicago Bulls Boston College (Sr.)
4 77 Peter Thibeaux SF  United States Golden State Warriors Saint Mary's (Sr.)
4 82 Mark Jones PG  United States New York Knicks St. Bonaventure (Sr.)
4 90 Brant Weidner PF  United States San Antonio Spurs William & Mary (Sr.)
4 91 Carlos Clark SG  United States Boston Celtics Ole Miss (Sr.)
5 97 Manute Bol C  Sudan San Diego Clippers (Pick voided on technicalities)[1] None
5 101 Ken Austin PF  United States Detroit Pistons Rice (Sr.)
5 102 Jim Lampley C  United States Dallas Mavericks Arkansas–Little Rock (Sr.)
6 139 Sedale Threatt SG  United States Philadelphia 76ers West Virginia Tech (Sr.)
7 152 Dane Suttle SG  United States Kansas City Kings Pepperdine (Sr.)


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