1985 Bakhtar Afghan Airlines Antonov An-26 shootdown

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1985 Bakhtar Afghan Airlines Antonov An-26 shootdown
Antonov An-26B, Air Armenia AN1988305.jpg
An An-26B similar to the accident aircraft
Date 4 September 1985
Summary Shot down while en route
Site Afghanistan
Aircraft type Antonov An-26
Operator Bakhtar Afghan Airlines
Registration YA-BAM
Flight origin Kandahar Airport, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Destination Farah Airport, Farah, Afghanistan
Passengers 47
Crew 5
Fatalities 52 (all)

1985 Bakhtar Afghan Airlines Antonov An-26 shootdown was on 4 September 1985 when a Bakhtar Afghan Airlines Antonov An-26 (registered in Afghanistan as YA-BAM) on a scheduled internal flight from Kandahar to Farah was shot down by a ground-to-air missile.[1] The aircraft had departed from Kandahar Airport and had circled twice close to the airport to gain height and then set course for Farah Airport, it was at a height of 3800 metres and 18.5 km west of Khandahar when it was shot down and destroyed by a ground-to-air missile.[1] All five crew and 47 passengers were killed.[1]


The aircraft was an Antonov An-26 twin-engined turboprop airliner that had been built in the Soviet Union.


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