1990 Asian Games

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XI Asian Games
11th asiad.png
Host city Beijing, China
Nations participating 36
Athletes participating 6,122
Events 308 in 27 sports
Opening ceremony September 22
Closing ceremony October 7
Officially opened by Yang Shangkun
President of China
Officially closed by Roy de Silva
Acting President of Olympic Council of Asia
Athlete's Oath Chen Longcan (Table Tennis)
Torch lighter Xu Haifeng (Shooting),
Gao Min (Diving) and
Zhang Rongfang (Volleyball)
Main venue Workers Stadium
Seoul 1986 Hiroshima 1994  >

The 11th Asian Games (Chinese: 第十一届亚洲运动会) also known as XI Asiad, were held from September 22 to October 7, 1990, in Beijing, China. This is the first Asian Games held in China.

The games served as a precursor to China's further development in the sporting arena, as the country went on to bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics (losing to Sydney) in 1993 and eventually won the bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics in 2001. China dominated the games, grabbing 60% of the gold medals and 34% of the total medal count.

Bidding process[edit]

In 1983, two cities in Asia demonstrated interest to host the 1990 Asian Games, one was Beijing in the People's Republic of China and the other was Hiroshima in Japan.The two appeared before the Olympic Council of Asia, during a meeting of the same, the following year in Seoul, that also served as a previous meeting to evaluate the preparations of the city for the next Asian Games and also for the 1988 Summer Olympics. Beijing eventually won the right to host the 1990 edition, while Hiroshima, when presenting an excellent technical level application, was ratified as the venue of the 1994 Asian Games.[1]

34 votes were needed for selection.

1990 Asian Games bidding result
City Country Votes
Beijing  China 44
Hiroshima  Japan 23


To commemorate the 11th Asian Games, three different sets of stamps were issued in 1988, 1989 and 1990.[2]



The official mascot of this edition was PanPan, the panda.

Participating NOCs[edit]

National Olympic Committees (NOCs) are named according to their official IOC designations and arranged according to their official IOC country codes in 1990.


Demonstration sports

Medal table[edit]

The top ten ranked NOCs at these Games are listed below. The host nation, China, is highlighted.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  China (CHN) 183 107 51 341
2  South Korea (KOR) 54 54 73 181
3  Japan (JPN) 38 60 76 174
4  North Korea (PRK) 12 31 39 82
5  Iran (IRI) 4 6 8 18
6  Pakistan (PAK) 4 1 7 12
7  Indonesia (INA) 3 6 21 30
8  Qatar (QAT) 3 2 1 6
9  Thailand (THA) 2 7 8 17
10  Malaysia (MAS) 2 2 4 8
Total 310 309 357 976


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