1993 Tehran mid-air collision

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Iran Air Tours EP-ITD
Iranian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24
DateFebruary 8, 1993
SummaryMid-air collision
SiteShahr-e Qods, Tehran Province, Iran
Total fatalities133 (all)
First aircraft
Iran Airtour Tu-154M EP-MCR SVO 2008-9-23.png
An Iran Air Tours Tu-154M
TypeTupolev Tu-154M
OperatorIran Air Tours
Flight originMehrabad International Airport
DestinationMashhad International Airport
Fatalities131 (all)
Second aircraft
A IRIAF Su-24 ready to takeoff from THR.jpg
An IRIAF Su-24
TypeSukhoi Su-24
OperatorIranian Air Force
DestinationMehrabad International Airport
Fatalities2 (all)

The 1993 Tehran mid-air collision occurred just outside the Iranian capital city of Tehran on Monday, February 8, 1993, killing all 133 people on board both aircraft involved—an Iran Air Tours Tupolev Tu-154M, registered EP-ITD, and an Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft.[1]

On that day, EP-ITD, loaded with 119 passengers and 12 crew, lifted off from runway 29R at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport on a non-scheduled domestic flight to Mashhad International Airport in Mashhad. Simultaneously, the IRIAF Su-24, piloted by a crew of two, was on approach to Mehrabad's runway 29L. At about 14:16 IRST, the two aircraft collided in mid-air and crashed in the town of Shahr-e Qods, about 9.4 miles from Mehrabad. All 131 people aboard the Iran Air Tours airliner and both military pilots died.[1][2]

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