1993 in the United States

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Events from the year 1993 in the United States.


Federal Government[edit]



January 20: Bill Clinton becomes President




April 19: The Waco Siege ends with a deadly fire
April – October: The Great Flood of 1993
  • April–October: The Great Flood of 1993: The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood large portions of the American Midwest.
  • April – The Kuwaiti government claims to uncover an Iraqi assassination plot against former U.S. President George H. W. Bush shortly after his visit to Kuwait. Two Iraqi nationals confess to driving a car bomb into Kuwait on behalf of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.[2]
  • April 9 – The rock band Nirvana plays a benefit concert for the Bosnian rape victims at San Francisco's Cow Palace
  • April 19 – A 51-day stand-off at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, ends with a fire that kills 76 people, including David Koresh.
  • April 28 – An executive order requires the United States Air Force to allow women to fly war planes.


  • May 5 – The West Memphis Three are three men who – while teenagers – were tried and convicted, in 1994, of the May 5, 1993 murders of three boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. Damien Echols was sentenced to death, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. was sentenced to life imprisonment plus two 20-year sentences, and Jason Baldwin was sentenced to life imprisonment. During the trial, the prosecution asserted that the children were killed as part of a Satanic ritual.



  • July 1 – Gian Ferri kills eight and injures six before committing suicide at a law firm in San Francisco, sparking new legislative actions for gun control.
  • July 19 – U.S. President Bill Clinton announces his 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy regarding homosexuals serving in the American military.
  • July 20 – White House deputy counsel Vince Foster commits suicide in Virginia.
  • July 27 – Windows NT 3.1, the first version of Microsoft's line of Windows NT operating systems, is released to manufacturing.




  • October 3 – A large scale battle erupts between U.S. forces and local militia in Mogadishu, Somalia; eighteen Americans and over 1,000 Somalis are killed.
  • October 8 – David Miscavige announces the IRS has granted full tax exemption to the Church of Scientology International and affiliated churches and organizations, ending the Church's 40-year battle with the IRS and resulting in religious recognition in the United States.
  • October 16 – U.S. President Bill Clinton sends six American warships to Haiti, to enforce United Nations trade sanctions against the military-led regime in that country.[5]
  • October 25 – Actor Vincent Price dies of lung cancer.
  • October 27 – Wildfires begin[6] in California which eventually destroy over 16,000 acres (65 km2) and 700 homes.
  • October 31 – Actor River Phoenix dies of drug-induced heart failure on the sidewalk outside the West Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room.







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